Corona New Variants: New variants of Corona can cause havoc in November, more than 700 cases in UK

Pankaj Prasad
Corona New Variants
Corona New Variants

Experts have warned that it is a descendant of the Omicron variant itself.

Two Variant Of Corona: Health officials in the United Kingdom have warned about two new variants of Corona. Be aware that there is an increase in the cases of corona in Britain again. Both the new variants are being named as BQ.1 and XBB variants. Let us tell you that there have been more than 700 cases of BQ.1 variant and 18 cases of XBB variant in UK. Experts have cautioned that both the XBB and BQ.1 variants are highly immunogenic and may even be immune to current vaccines.

The BQ.1 and XBB are the descendants of the Omicron variant

Regarding both the variants, experts have warned that it is a descendant of the Omicron variant. Also, according to experts, both these variants can bring a new corona wave across Europe and North America only at the end of November. Also, the UK Health and Security Agency said that studies on the new variants are ongoing and they are assessing the situation closely. According to the Biozentrum research facility at the University of Basel, this variant has the potential to rapidly spread collectively.

XBB variant detected in India too, cases found in these states

Let us tell you that XBB variants have also been detected in India, in which most of the infections are from West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu, some from Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has also stressed on the need to follow the guidelines of Corona amid the emergence of new variants. Maharashtra's health department had already asked citizens to fight their battle against the corona pandemic, as the state registered a case of XBB version ahead of the festive season.

The XBB variant peaks in mid-November after the festive season

In fact, the Health Department had warned that the XBB variant will reach its peak in mid-November after the festive season is over. Let us know that XBB was discovered in Singapore in August. It is said to be a derivative of Omicron's BA.2.75 and BJ.1. Be aware that it has now appeared in 17 countries around the world. The XBB version is believed to have a "growth advantage" and immunity-avoiding property compared to BA.2.75.