BRABU PhD Admission Test 2021 date released, university started preparation, know full details

Pankaj Prasad
BRABU PhD Admission Test 2021
BRABU PhD Admission Test 2021

PAT 2021 will be organized by BRA Bihar University in December.

BRABU: PAT 2021 will be conducted by BRA Bihar University in December. Preparation for this will be started from next month. Around 2100 candidates have applied. However, the seat for PAT 2021 is not yet decided. After the university opens next week, the process of seat fixation and roster will be started. Along with graduation and PG in the university, the research session is also running late. The course work of the successful candidates of PAT 2020 has started in September. University officials say that after the start of the course work, now the process of session 2021 will start. Admission will be taken in PhD under UGC regulation 2016. However, there is no fragrance at the university level regarding PAT 2022. Continuous instructions are being given by the Raj Bhavan and the government to regularize the session.

Candidates waiting for the exam for six months

Hundreds of candidates who have applied for research from various departments of the university are waiting for the exam for the last six months. PAT 2021 was notified by the university in November last year. The online application process was completed by December. The hard copy of the application was also submitted from the candidates. After this, about six months ago, the university again opened the portal for application. After the completion of the second stage application process, the candidates started waiting for the examination.

Coursework started after a year of PAT 2020

Research work is the measure of academic quality of higher educational institutions, but the condition of Bihar University is very bad. The coursework of successful candidates of PAT 2020 could start after a year. The written examination was taken in August 2021, the result of which was also released within a week. However, due to discrepancies in the result, there was a protest. After this, it took six-seven months to revise it. After the declaration of the final result, it also took two-three months to complete the enrollment process.