Morbi Bridge Collapse: Big disclosure in Morbi accident, started without fitness certificate, case registered

Pankaj Prasad
Gujarat Morbi Hanging Bridge
Gujarat Morbi Hanging Bridge

Gujarat Morbi Hanging Bridge Chief Officer of Morbi Municipality Sandeepsinh Jala said, the bridge was given to Orewa Company for operation and maintenance for 15 years.

So far 141 people have died due to the collapse of the cable bridge over the Machhu river in Morbi, Gujarat . The condition of many people still remains critical. So far 177 people have been rescued in the accident.

The bridge was closed for 7 months, collapsed in 5 days

It was reopened to the public 5 days ago after a private company carried out repair work for seven months. After all, the bridge had not yet received the municipal fitness certificate and was opened to the general public.

The bridge was more than a century old

The Hanging Bridge built in Morbi city was more than a century old. More than 400 people had climbed the bridge together before the accident. Sandeepsinh Jala, chief officer of Morbi Municipality said, the bridge was given to Orewa company for operation and maintenance for 15 years. In March this year, it was closed to the public for repairs. It was reopened after repairs on 26 October, the Gujarati New Year's Day. It was opened to the public after the repair work was completed, he said. However, the local municipality had not yet issued any fitness certificate. After the accident, the Gujarat government has registered a case against the company. A case has been registered against the company under sections 304, 308, and 114.

Morbi bridge was a marvel of engineering

According to the description of the bridge on the website of the District Collectorate, it was an engineering marvel and this cable bridge was built to show the progressive and scientific nature of the rulers of Morbi. Sir Waghji Thakor ruled Morbi till 1922. He was inspired by colonial influence and decided to build the bridge which was an artistic and technological marvel of the time. According to this, the purpose of building the bridge was to connect the Darbargarh Palace with the Nazarbagh Palace. According to the collectorate website, the bridge was 1.25 meters wide and its length was 233 meters. According to this the purpose of this bridge was to give a unique identity to Morbi by using the latest technology available in those days in Europe.