Instagram Down: Accounts of users getting suspended! After WhatsApp, now there is a problem on Instagram too

Pankaj Prasad
Instagram Down
Instagram Down

Users of social networking app Instagram are facing difficulties in accessing the account.

Instagram Down: In many countries of the world including India, news of disturbances is coming out in Instagram. According to the information, users of social networking app Instagram are facing difficulties in accessing the account. According to media reports, Meta has acknowledged that this is a server-side problem. The company is looking into the matter. The company said, we know that some of you are having problems accessing your Instagram account.

Know what is the problem facing the users

Let us tell you that WhatsApp was down for several hours in the past, due to which the users had to face a lot of problems. At the same time, now a similar problem is coming to the fore with Instagram as well. Instagram users claim that upon logging in, a notification of account suspension appears. Many users are sharing screenshots on social media. In such a situation, the question is arising whether Instagram is actually suspending the accounts of the users?

Instagram's communication team tweeted

In the midst of all this, Instagram's communication team has tweeted saying that we are aware that you are having trouble accessing your Instagram account. Trying to fix it is on. Sorry for the trouble. At the same time, a user wrote, What is happening on Instagram? My account was suspended without any reason. When I try to verify the code it shows error. Is anyone else having the same problem? Let us tell you that a similar problem was faced with Twitter in the past. It was later revealed that the hacker had taken access to the backend. However, no social platform has ever given information about hacking.