Korea War Threat: North Korea fires missile towards Pacific Ocean, alert in Japan amid retaliation

Pankaj Prasad
North Korea fires missile
North Korea fires missile

Tensions between South Korea and North Korea seem to be moving towards war.

Amidst the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine, now the threat of war is looming in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea fired a missile over Japan into the Pacific Ocean. Yesterday he fired several missiles in the disputed area of ​​South Korea. After this South Korea also fired retaliatory missiles. In view of this, an alert has been issued in Japan. 

Tensions between South Korea and North Korea seem to be moving towards war. Tension on the Korean peninsula has escalated after a missile was fired into South Korea's disputed sea area on Wednesday on the orders of North Korean military ruler Kim Jong Un. Tensions escalated when a ballistic missile fired by North Korea passed over Japan and headed for the Pacific Ocean. In view of this, the Prime Minister's Office of Japan has issued an emergency alert.

Japan instructed civilians to hide in bunkers Japan has instructed civilians in some of its areas to hide in bunkers after North Korea repeatedly fired missiles. The Japanese government has issued a 'Jay Warning'. This warning is issued in critical situations. 

South Korea fired three missiles in response to 23 missiles 

On  Wednesday, North Korea fired 23 missiles towards South Korea. A missile had fallen near the South Korean sea area. In response, South Korea also fired three missiles from its fighter planes towards North Korea.


South Korea responded with fighter planes

South Korean President Eun Suk-yol said that North Korea will have to pay the price for this action. The division of the two countries began in 1945, after which missiles were fired in the disputed area for the first time. North Korea has fired so many missiles in a single day for the first time. South Korean fighter jets also fired air-to-surface missiles. These include missiles from the US, which can strike up to 270 km with 360 kg of explosives. 

North Korea said - this is the answer to 'Vigilant Storm Operation'

Pak Jong Chong, secretary in the Central Committee of North Korea's ruling Workers' Party, said these missiles were a response to military exercises by South Korea and its allies. The target of the exercise and the fighters involved was North Korea. It was named 'Vigilant Storm' after being influenced by the US military operation 'Desert Storm' in Iraq in the 90s. 

America defends 'Vigilant Storm' 

The US State Department has condemned North Korea's missile launch. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken called it a serious act of military provocation in a phone conversation with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin. Earlier ministry spokesman Ned Price had said the Vigilante Storm operation was a purely defensive exercise. There was no hostility towards North Korea in this.