Israel: Gaza Strip attacked after Benjamin Netanyahu won Israel election, fired four rockets

Pankaj Prasad
Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Rocket sirens alerted the Israeli towns of Qisufim, Ain Hashlosha and Nirim near the Gaza border just after 9 p.m.

Four rockets were fired at Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu won Israel's election. One of which was intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system. The Israeli Defense Forces initially said they were unclear about the Iron Dome air defense system, but later confirmed their statement, The Times of Israel reported.

Gaza fired the first rocket at 9 p.m. Just after 9 p.m. Thursday, rocket sirens alerted the Israeli towns of Qisufim, Ain Hashlosha and Nirim near the Gaza border, as a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip. According to the report of The Times of Israel, no casualties have been reported so far after the rocket attack. The military said three more rockets were fired from Gaza in southern Israel about an hour later, around 10 p.m., but they landed in the Gaza Strip before reaching the target.

A member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad killed in an Israeli military operation, Farooq Salameh, a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was killed earlier during an Israeli military operation in the western fringe city of Jenin, The Times of Israel reported. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Border Police said in a joint statement that Farooq Salameh was involved in the killing of a veteran police commando earlier this year and was planning further attacks.ย 

The attack followed Netanyahu's victoryย 

The attack came after Netanyahu and his allies won enough seats in Israel's parliament to form a majority government, NBC News reported. The election result will not only secure the return of Netanyahu, but will also underscore the true turnaround in the country. Netanyahu told his supporters during a speech at a victory rally in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning that "we have received a massive vote of confidence and we are on the verge of a huge victory."ย 

Yer Lapid congratulates Netanyahu

Israel's caretaker Prime Minister Yer Lapid also congratulated former PM Netanyahu. Yer Lapid told Netanyahu that he had instructed all departments in the prime minister's office to prepare for an orderly transfer of power. According to the Times of Israel, Yair Lapid said that "the nation of Israel is above any political consideration. I wish Netanyahu all the best for Israel and the people of Israel."

This is an unprecedented fifth election in Israel since 2019, as the country's political system has been stagnant for nearly four years. Israel has 120 seats in the parliament. According to data released by the Central Elections Committee, more than 6.7 million (67 lakh) eligible voters cast their votes in 12,495 ballots. Around 18,000 police officers were deployed across the country to deter fraud attempts, manage traffic and maintain security. Netanyahu served as prime minister for 12 consecutive years before being ousted by the cross-partisan coalition led by current PM Yair Lapid in June 2021.