Bihar By-Election Results: BJP retains Gopalganj, RJD's Mohan Gupta lost to Kusum Devi

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar By Election Results
Bihar By Election Results

The BJP has finally saved its Gopalganj seat.

Gopalganj. The BJP has finally saved its Gopalganj seat. In a fierce battle, BJP's Kusum Devi defeated RJD's Mohan Gupta by two thousand votes. Since 2005, the seat of Gopalganj is in the account of BJP and this time also the BJP's possession here remained intact.

Kusum Devi won the election after the last round

Kusum Devi registered the victory after the final round of counting of votes was completed. Kusum Devi has won by 2183 votes. Although it has not been officially announced till the time of writing the news, but the celebration of BJP workers had started outside the counting center and RJD workers coming out of the counting center were accepting their defeat. Kusum Devi got total 70033 votes, while Mohan Gupta got 67876 votes.

From the first round itself, there was a close contest between the two candidates

From the first round itself, there was a cut-throat competition between the two candidates. In the first two rounds, the RJD candidate was ahead, but after that the BJP was leading till the 19th round, although in the 20th round, RJD once again took a small lead, but in the 21st round once again the RJD candidate's lead was seen. Found. The RJD candidate had a lead of 65 votes at the end of the 21st round of counting. The RJD candidate got 61727 votes after the 21st round of counting of votes was over.

The picture was not clear even after 22 rounds

After the end of 22 rounds of counting, BJP's Kusum Devi got 65336 votes while RJD candidate Mohan Gupta got 63943 votes. Despite falling behind several times, the BJP candidate finally won. Experts say that Oveshi's party was more involved in the defeat of RJD than Sadhu Yadav. His candidate managed to make a dent in the nearly 10,000 votes that the RJD had in the Muslim-dominated area.