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Cop 27: UN chief warns on climate change - world moving on the highway to hell, cooperate or die

Pankaj Prasad
UN chief warns on climate change
UN chief warns on climate change

China is at the top of the world with 15 gigatonnes of warming by greenhouse gas emissions.

At the United Nations Climate Dialogue (Cop 27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned the world, "The world is on the highway of hell and foot accelerator due to climate change." We are losing the battle of our life fast. This is our last chance to save this planet for the generations to come. Now there is no option left. Either cooperate or burn in hell. 

China and America, the world's biggest polluters, were asked to reduce emissions and together save humanity from destruction. He said that either we should come together to compromise for the climate and save each other, otherwise we have already moved on the path of self-destruction together. He appealed to all countries that even if the goal of zero emissions is achieved by 2050 by any means, humanity will still have the target of survival. 

Along with this, he said that the world will have to be free from the use of coal by 2040. Calling for an agreement between the world's richest and poorest countries, he said, to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels and ensure that poor countries can reduce emissions and cope with climate impacts Have already happened.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who is hosting the conference, said climate change is not going to stop without human efforts. The world has very little time left now. He proposed a new agreement between poor and rich countries, under which rich and developed countries eliminate emissions by 2030 and help other countries eliminate emissions by 2040. UN climate chief Simon Steele expressed disappointment over the lack of leaders of many big countries around the world, saying that such an attitude is not going to solve the problem. 

India's per capita emissions are lower than the global average, with China at the top of the world with 15 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases, warming the world. It alone emits more than India, the US and 27 countries of the European Union. India ranks third with 3.5 GHz. However, when emissions are measured in per capita terms, India is emitting 2.4 tonnes per capita, less than half the global average of 6.3 tonnes per capita. The US leads the way with emissions per capita of 15 tonnes. International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva said the world is currently lagging far behind targets on the carbon credit regime. By 2030, the cost of carbon per tonne should be at least $75. At present it is $2 a tonne.

UAE said- oil production will continue 

The UAE, which will host COP-28 next year, said oil production would continue as long as necessary. The UAE is one of the countries opposed to the idea of ​​rapidly eliminating fossil fuels.  Warning: Earth will start burning at the end of the century,   according to the Emission Gap Report of the United Nations Environment Program, if the emission of greenhouse gases remains at the current level, then the temperature of the earth will have increased by 2.8 ° C at the end of the century. It should not rise above 1.5°C to maintain life.