Badly trapped Murugh Math chief: Drugs in bedroom, rape of girls... many big revelations in police chargesheet

Pankaj Prasad
Murugh Math chief Shivamurthy Sharanaru
Murugh Math chief Shivamurthy Sharanaru

Five persons, including Murugh Math chief Shivamurthy Sharanaru, were accused of sexually assaulting two high school girls.

The troubles have increased for Shivmurthy Murugh Sharanaru, the head of Murugh Math, who is imprisoned in the rape case. The police prepared a 694-page charge sheet against Baba, which was handed over to the court on October 27. The revelations made in this chargesheet are astonishing. According to the police, drugs, alcohol and narcotics were supplied to Sharnaru's bedroom. Apart from this, minor girls were sent to the bedroom. The head of the Math was arrested on September 1 for raping two minor girls.

According to Stanley, the director of the Odanadi

NGO, Rashmi, the warden of the Akka Mahadevi hostel run by the monastery, used to send the minor girl students to Baba's room after 8 pm, where Baba had earlier treated the minor girl student. touched inappropriately. After this, when the girls protested, Baba gave them apples and chocolates filled with intoxicants to eat, after which these girls used to faint. Then allegedly used to rape her. When she used to go to the hostel again in the morning, she used to lose her sleep. The girl students had severe pain in various parts of the body and private parts. 

The SP said that the saint used to threaten to curse the girl students if she refused to serve them, the SP said . He told them that his curse would destroy them and their families. 

The chargesheet also mentions the death of the student under mysterious circumstances

Stanley, the director of the NGO, said the chargesheet also mentions a suspicion of death of a girl under mysterious circumstances on a railway track on the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border. A few days before the incident, the girl from the hostel was sent away from the monastery. The girl's father was blind, so she used to stay in the hostel. If the monastery cannot take care of the girl, she cannot be sent out. He was sent home without following the procedure and the CWC did not flag the violation. It needs investigation. The Chitradurga police said the girl's death was registered as unnatural and the matter was closed by the railway police. We found that there was a UDR registered with Hindupur Railway Police stating that a girl fell from the train and died. After investigation, it was found to be an accidental death and the case was closed.

Government can take over the reins of Murugh Math The government is planning to take over the reins of Murugh Math. The state is considering appointing an administrator. Amid mounting pressure to remove Shivamurthy Murugh Sharanaru from the post of head of the Math, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that we have sought a report from the DC, and a decision will be taken after seeing the report. 

What's the matter?

In fact, five persons, including Shivamurthy Sharanaru, were accused of sexually assaulting two high school girls students. Based on the complaint of the district child protection unit officer, an FIR was registered against five people, including the warden of the hostel of the monastery. The minor girls had earlier approached the said NGO of Mysuru and informed about the misbehavior they had met during counselling.