Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine claims- Russia fired more than 100 missiles across the country, announced emergency blackout

Pankaj Prasad
Ukraine announced emergency blackout
Ukraine announced emergency blackout

In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, both sides are facing heavy losses.

Russia and Ukraine have been bombarding each other continuously for the past nine months. Several attempts were made to reconcile the two through talks, but they failed. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force has informed that Russia has attacked many parts of Ukraine with missiles. He said Russia had fired 100 missiles in a nationwide attack. Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian authorities announced an emergency blackout. This announcement has been made after Russia's attack on the power grid. 

While two explosions

in Kiev, two explosions have also been reported in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. According to information, at least two explosions were heard in Kyiv on Tuesday and smoke was seen rising over the city. It is also being said that apart from these explosions, there have been many explosions. According to reports, these explosions came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned of air strikes across Ukraine after video address to G20 leaders in Bali. 

America took action against Russia

On the other hand America has taken big action against Russia. Taking action against a network supplying arms to Russia, the US has banned 14 people and 28 establishments associated with it. The US has claimed that these establishments and individuals were involved in an international network that supplied weapons to Russia in the fight against Ukraine. The US Treasury has taken action against Russian businessman Suleiman Kerimov. 

In this war, both the sides are facing heavy losses due to prolonged war. Ruined buildings in Ukraine speak volumes of Russian woes. At the same time, recently a top American general claimed that more than one lakh Russian soldiers were killed or injured in the Ukraine war. Significantly, on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine, a member of the former Soviet Union, which was adamant on NATO membership. Since then, Russia has occupied many areas of Ukraine. At the same time, with the help of NATO, Ukraine is giving tough competition to the Russian army. This is the reason why the war has dragged on for a long time.