After the Udaipur blast, sacks filled with gelatin sticks found in the river in Dungarpur, fear of big conspiracy

Pankaj Prasad
Gelatin sticks found in Dungarpur
Gelatin sticks found in Dungarpur

There was panic among the top police officers on the information of a large quantity of explosive material lying in the river.

The Udaipur railway bridge blast case is not even resolved yet. On the fourth day of the blast, 10 sacks filled with gelatin were found lying near the river at Aspur in Dungarpur district, about 70 km from Udaipur. Sensation has spread in the area after a huge quantity of explosives were found in the river water.

According to police sources, villagers saw 10 gunny bags lying in the river near the bridge built on the Som river, located in Bhabrana village, 10 km from Aspur in Dungarpur. On suspicion, the villagers immediately informed the concerned police station about the cuts lying in the river. As soon as the information was received, the Aspur police station in-charge and top police officers reached the spot and took out the gunny bags from the river. When they were opened, the police were surprised to find a huge quantity of gelatine sticks in these sacks. The police have confiscated all the sacks. Rajasthan's address was written on the sacks of gelatin, but due to the packet getting wet in the water, nothing is clearly understood due to the melting of the packet. Where did the gelatin-filled sacks come from and who kept them here, nothing is known. The police are involved in the investigation of the matter.

These gelatin sticks are so powerful that they can destroy an area of ​​more than 200 square feet. However, it also requires a detonator to support it. Naxalites often use gelatin sticks to explode. In such a situation, the police has started investigating from all angles.