Same-Sex Marriages: Gay marriage bill introduced in US Senate, expected to pass soon

Pankaj Prasad
Same Sex Marriages
Same Sex Marriages

After passing the lower house in the US, the same-sex marriage bill has now been introduced in the Senate for approval.

After smoothly passing the same-sex marriage bill from the US House of Representatives, it has now been introduced in the 100-member Senate. Now the hope of passing this bill has increased as all 50 members of the Democrats have given the green signal for it. Although it requires the votes of 60 members of the Senate to pass it, it is now expected that 10 members of the Republicans will also vote in favor. 

Was presented in the lower house in July 

In the month of July, a bill to recognize same-sex marriage was introduced in the lower house after the US Supreme Court's unexpected decision on abortion. Which was approved by the House. Since the passage of this bill, people of the gay community had expressed happiness. 267 votes were cast by Democrats in favor of this bill. At the same time, Republican MPs voted 157 against the bill. According to the report, 47 Republican MPs voted in favor of this bill in the lower house. At the same time, 7 Republican MPs did not participate in the voting.

The bill passed on Wednesday with the support of a majority of American gay marriages does not require states to legalize same-sex marriage. But that requires them to recognize same-sex marriages in other states. Polls show that a majority of Americans support gay marriage but it is still controversial.