Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha's culprit Aftab's lie caught by a small mistake

Pankaj Prasad
Shraddha Walkers murder case
Shraddha Walkers murder case

Cut the dead body into 35 pieces and keep it in the fridge and place them one by one in the forests.

Shraddha Walker Murder Case Inside Story: The Shraddha Walker murder case of Delhi's Mehrauli has become a topic of discussion across the country. According to media reports, accused Aftab carried out this heart-wrenching incident under a well-planned conspiracy. Cut the dead body into 35 pieces and keep it in the fridge and place them one by one in the forests. Aftab had made the plan full proof, but one of his mistakes got him caught by the police.

online transaction spoiled the game

Actually, Aftab Poonawala had destroyed all the physical evidence related to Shraddha Walker's murder, but he made a mistake in erasing the digital evidence. Yes, Shraddha Walker was murdered on 18th May. Aftab tried his best to keep this murder a secret, and he was successful in it for a long time. This murder remained a secret for almost six months. But due to an online transaction, this secret got exposed and Aftab got caught by the police.

The accused kept sending text messages to Shraddha's friends

Aftab, accused of Shraddha's murder, had cut the dead body into 35 pieces and had also disposed of it. Shraddha had left home and gone to live with Aftab, so the family members were not in contact. The accused kept posting posts from Shraddha's social media account from time to time, kept sending text messages to her friends from her phone, so that those who knew her would not doubt that she was not in this world. Aftab also paid Shraddha's credit card bill, so that companies could not contact Shraddha's Mumbai address. The accused had even told the police in the month of October that Shraddha had left the house after a fight on May 22 itself.

Police got suspicious like this

Based on Aftab's statement, the police investigated and found that a week after Shraddha allegedly left home, an online transaction took place from her phone. It was from here that the police began to suspect Aftab and further investigation proceeded on the basis of this. Officers interrogating Aftab in Mumbai said that when he was first asked about Walker's location on 26 October, he said that she had left home on 22 May after a fight. Police found that his phone was switched off since May 31. No incoming or outgoing call history was found on that phone after 26th May.

Transferred 54 thousand rupees from Shraddha's account to his account

HT quoted a Maharashtra Police official as saying, Aftab said that Shraddha left her clothes and other belongings at home and only took her phone with her. However, later during investigation, we found details of an online transaction which was done between May 22 and May 26. In this, 54 thousand rupees were sent from Shraddha's account to Aftab's account through net banking. Officials said that during that transaction the location of his phone was limited to Chhatarpur.

Aftab got stuck here

The thing to note was that Aftab had claimed that she had left the house with her mobile. Police said that during interrogation on November 11, a day before his arrest, Aftab was asked about the transaction, to which he failed to answer. Aftab said that he knew Shraddha's passwords and used to do the transactions himself, as the money was owed to him, the official said, according to HT's report. Her statement was contrary to her earlier statement to the police that she had taken her phone with her. This is where Aftab got stuck.