5 to 6 rounds of bullets fired in Patna University student union elections, media personnel were also targeted

Pankaj Prasad
Firing in Patna University
Firing in Patna University

Firing took place between two groups during the voting for the student union elections in Patna University.

Voting has ended today in the Patna University Students' Union elections. But before the end of voting, two groups clashed in front of Jackson Hostel near Patna College. Along with this, according to the information received, five to six rounds of bullets were also fired by the students on the spot. The students creating ruckus have also targeted journalists on the spot in front of the police. Many journalists have also been hurt in the misbehavior with the journalists by the students.

Journalists assaulted

The students creating ruckus near Patna College also attacked media personnel in front of the police and snatched his mobile phone from his pocket and broke it. Due to the firing that took place during the polling, there was a stampede on the spot.

Firing between two groups in mutual supremacy

According to the information received, there was firing between two groups in mutual supremacy. At the same time, after getting the information about the incident, a heavy police force has also reached the spot. Police is trying to pacify the matter. At the same time, before Patna College, some students created a ruckus in Patna Commerce College alleging bogus voting and also Jan Adhikar Party and AISA activists created ruckus outside Patna Women's College.