Pooja Singhal can also be made accused in illegal mining case, ED sent report

Pankaj Prasad
IAS Pooja Singhal
IAS Pooja Singhal

ED has sent its report in Pooja Singhal case to the state government.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has sent its report in the Pooja Singhal case to the state government. In this, details of property acquired by Pooja Singhal through money laundering in the name of herself and her family members etc. have been given. ED has also said in its report that the money seized from the premises of CM Suman Kumar is related to illegal mining. This amount will be transferred to the illegal mining case. Now Pooja Singhal can also be made an accused in the illegal mining case. There is a possibility of making three-four district mining officers also accused.

Along with the report sent by the ED to the state government, a copy of the charge sheet filed against Pooja Singhal and others in the PMLA court has also been attached. A brief description of the entire episode has also been sent along with the detailed report. In this, there is a description of the handcuffs adopted to declare illegal earnings as legitimate and sending money here and there. In the report sent by ED, it has been said that the investigation of Pooja Singhal case was started on the basis of FIR lodged in Khunti district in connection with MNREGA scam. However, more than Rs 17 crore, raised through illegal mining, was seized during the raid. It will now be included in the illegal mining scam.

Understand its legal meaning

Enforcement Directorate prepared its report under the provisions contained in Section-66(2) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act

In the light of the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Vijay Madan Lal Choudhary vs Union of India, ED has sent detailed information related to money laundering to the state government

After this, the state government is bound to register a criminal case against the concerned officer including 'disproportionate assets'.

Chat used to be like this: Sent 20 'kilo'....got 20 'kilo'

The details of the chat received from CA Suman Kumar's mobile phone have also been given in the report. In the chat between the District Mining Officers and Suman Kumar, a codeword has been used for the transaction of money. In the message sent by the District Mining Officers, sentences like 'sent 20 kilos', 'sent five kilos' have been used. On the other hand, in the message sent by Suman, '20 kilos found', '10 kilos found', 'five kilos found' have been written. The ED has said in its report that the word 'kilo' used by Suman and the district mining officials means 'lakh rupees'. The District Mining Officers have admitted to sending the money to the CA during interrogation and using the word 'kilo' instead of 'lakh'.

Rajiv Kumar Cash Case: ED also sent the report to the West Bengal government

The ED has also sent its report to the West Bengal government under section 66 (2) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in the Rajeev cash case. In this, a conspiracy hatched by Kolkata businessman Amit Agarwal to manage the PIL filed by Shivshankar Sharma in the High Court has been mentioned. In the report sent to the government, it has been said that Amit Agarwal hatched a conspiracy and called Rajeev Kumar to Kolkata and got him arrested with Rs 50 lakh. For this, Amit Agarwal used his acquaintance with the police and lodged an FIR in a police station outside the area of ​​his home and office. The police also registered an FIR in violation of their jurisdiction and acted on the complaint.