West Bengal: Wife and son kill ex-Navy personnel in Bengal, cut the body into five pieces

Pankaj Prasad
Wife and son kill ex Navy personnel in Bengal
Wife and son kill ex Navy personnel in Bengal

A former Navy personnel was allegedly brutally murdered by his wife and son in West Bengal's Baruipur area.

The incident of Shraddha being cut into 35 pieces in Delhi was not even forgotten by the people that a heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in the Baruipur area of ​​South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Here the wife and son together allegedly brutally murdered the former Navy personnel. After the murder, the son, along with the mother, cut the father's dead body into five pieces with a saw and then gradually wrapped it in plastic and buried it in ponds and forests. 

According to the Baruipur police about the incident, last Friday, a piece of mutilated body was recovered from a pond which was wrapped in plastic.

Police investigation revealed that the body belonged to ex-Navy personnel Ujjwal Chakraborty (55). Police has arrested wife Shyamli and son Jai Chakraborty in this regard. Both are being questioned. According to the police, preliminary investigation has revealed that there was a dispute between the father and the son on the night of November 14 over polytechnic course fees and frequent drinking. 

The dispute increased so much that mother and son together pushed Ujjwal hard, due to which he fell down. Then the son allegedly strangled him to death. After this, taking the dead body to the bathroom, both mother and son cut it into pieces with a saw. Then in the dark of night, wrapped in plastic, the different pieces of the dead body were thrown in the pond near the house and in the forest. According to the police, four parts of the body have been found while the hand is being searched.

According to the police, former Navy personnel Ujjwal Chakraborty retired from the Indian Navy 22 years ago, after which he worked in two other private companies.