Pakistan: Pakistani army intensifies suppression of Baloch, now using Chinese drone CH-4B

Pankaj Prasad
Pakistani army intensifies suppression of Baloch
Pakistani army intensifies suppression of Baloch

Earlier this month, the Pakistan Army launched a major military operation against Baloch insurgents in the Bolan region.

The Pakistani army is now using Chinese drones CH-4B to quell insurgency in the restive Balochistan. Till now she has been attacking Baloch with fighter planes and helicopters, but now she has started drone attacks. 

According to the report of The Eurasian Times, attacks on Baloch with military use drones (UAV) is a new tactic of Pakistan. Now Pak army is continuously attacking with UAVs. According to the Balochistan Post-English, earlier this month, the Pakistan Army carried out a major military operation against Baloch insurgents in the Bolan region. UAVs, fighter aircraft, gunship helicopters and SSG commandos were used in this.  

Baloch militia kills Pak commandos

According to media reports, Pakistan Army has deployed fighter jets against Baloch nationalists in the highlands of Bolan in Balochistan. On the other hand, Baloch militia protesting Pakistani military operations killed two SSG commandos. To deal with the situation, the Pak Army has now started using combat UAVs. This is a new method and its use is being continuously increased. 

China and Turkey send combat drones

Balochistan Post-English has tweeted claiming that China and Turkey have sent different models of combat UAVs to Pakistan. According to information provided on Twitter and Pakistan-based defense blogs, Chinese CH-4B UAVs were spotted in Bolan. Baloch rebels had killed two SSG commandos in this area. 

According to the report, Pakistan has received five Rainbow 4 or CH-4 multi-role drones from China in January last year, according to the report, which is helping the Chinese army . However, later media reports claimed that these were CH-4B drones. It has also been claimed that a contingent of the Chinese Army (PLA) based at Pasni in Gwadar allegedly helps the Pakistan Army in these CH-4B drone strikes. The Pakistan Army has a naval air base station at Pasni. It is known as PNS Makran.

Baloch accuses Pak army of atrocities

On the other hand, the Baloch have accused the Pakistan Army of atrocities and excesses. They say that in recent times the Pak Army has intensified armed attacks. According to the latest report of The Balochistan Post, the Balochistan Human Rights Council has received 41 cases of missing persons and 30 cases of extrajudicial executions in Balochistan till October 2022.  China is making CPEC in Gwadar  Tell me, under the China-Pakistan Economic Agreement (CPEC), China is developing a port in Pakistan's Gwadar. Under its guise, China has deployed a PLA contingent. According to a report in The Eurasian Times, the same PLA contingent will assist Pakistani troops in operating the CH-4B drones.