Iran: Iran's famous actress took off her hijab and posted it on Insta, the police arrested her the next day

Pankaj Prasad
Iranian police arrested Hengameh Ghajiani
Iranian police arrested Hengameh Ghajiani

Iran's police have arrested famous actress Hengameh Ghajiani. Since this arrest, protests have intensified in Iran.

Iran's police has arrested the well-known actress Hengameh Ghajiani here. The 52-year-old film actress is accused of making a video of herself removing her hijab and posted it on Instagram. According to media reports, the actress did this in support of the ongoing protests in the country. The actress was arrested after the video went viral.

Know what is the matter?

Late Saturday night, the actress wrote in the post that 'From this moment on, the government of Iran is responsible for whatever happens to me, know that as always, I am with the Iranian people till my last breath. It is clearly visible in the video that Ghajiani is standing in a public place without a hijab and then she is seen tying her hair. At the same time, last week Ghajiani also posted a post in which he wrote that the Iranian government is a child-killer who has killed more than 50 children.

Ghajiani was among eight people summoned over "inflammatory" content posted on social media, according to the judiciary's Mizan online news website. These included Yahya Golmohammadi, the coach of Tehran football team Persepolis FC, who strongly criticized the players of the Iran national squad for not bringing the voices of those suffering persecution to the ears of the authorities.

Wearing the hijab is compulsory in IranΒ 

In fact, it is compulsory for women in Iran to wear the hijab and it is considered a crime to remove the hijab in public. If a woman takes off her hijab in public, she can be punished severely. Please tell that after the death of Mahsa Amini, thousands of women have done this as a protest.Β Β 

Know why the protests are happening in Iran

During the anti-hijab protest, a woman named Mahsa Irani was taken into custody by the Iranian police. During this, she died, after which the demonstrations intensified throughout Iran. During this, reports of violence also came to the fore in many places.Β