Tragic road accident in Hajipur, 12 people died, PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar expressed grief, announced compensation

Pankaj Prasad
Road accident in Hajipur
Road accident in Hajipur

12 people died in a horrific road accident in Nayaganj 28 tola of Desari police station of Hajipur.

A horrific road accident took place in Bihar's Vaishali district on Sunday night. 12 people have died in this accident. At the same time many people are seriously injured. Many leaders including President Draupadi Murmu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav have expressed grief over this accident. Central and Bihar governments have announced financial help on this accident. Please inform that on Sunday evening in Hajipur, everything was normal near Nayaganj 28 tola of Desari police station. The people of the village were preparing to worship Bhuinya Baba. For this, about 50-55 people had gathered on the side of the road. The ritual of worship started at around 8.40 pm. Five minutes later, suddenly the speeding uncontrollable truck entered the crowd and rammed the people and collided with the Peepal tree.

12 people died in the accident

It all happened so quickly that no one understood anything. Within a moment, happiness turned into mourning. Screams were echoing instead of worship mantras. The bodies of the people who came under the truck were torn to pieces. It was difficult to identify the dead. So far 12 people have died in this incident. Somehow little Varsha, Suruchi, Anushka, Shivani, Khushi, Satish and others were identified. Most of the dead are said to be relatives of Ashrafi Rai of the village itself.

Screaming after the accident

After the accident there was a hue and cry of the people. The bodies of the children had become so mutilated that it was difficult to even identify them. In this incident seriously injured Suruchi Kumari 8 years, Anjali Kumari 6 years, Sourav Kumar 17 years etc. were admitted to Mahanar CHC. From there Suruchi, Anjali and Sourav were referred to Sadar Hospital Hajipur. On the information of the incident, the police of Sahdei elderly OP along with Desari and Mahanar police station reached the spot.

Sadar hospital administration came in alert mode after the accident

In a hurry, apart from Sahdei OP, the police of Desari and Mahanar police station were sent to the spot. Apart from PHC, ambulance was also dispatched from Mahanar CHC. Sadar Hospital administration also came in alert mode on the information of the incident. DM Yashpal Meena and SP Manish also reached the spot late on the information of the incident. Superintendent of Sadar Hospital Dr. SK Verma told that four ambulances and two hearse vans have been sent from Sadar Hospital to the spot.