Major accident in Purulia, 35 students injured due to overturning of school bus, condition of 11 students critical

Pankaj Prasad
Purulia Bus Accident
Purulia Bus Accident

35 students were injured when a private school bus overturned in Bandwan, Purulia district of West Bengal.

35 students were injured when a private school bus overturned at Bandwan in Purulia district of West Bengal. The injured were first brought to Bandwan Health Center. After treatment there, 24 students were given primary treatment and released. However, due to the critical condition of 11 students, they have been sent to a private hospital in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand for better treatment. According to local sources, school students from different villages around Bandwan Kuchia Road were going to Walpahar School. On the way, there was a sudden technical fault in the bus. Due to which the bus lost control and overturned.

suddenly the bus lost control 

Suddenly the bus lost control due to which such a big incident took place. After the accident, the people around came to the rescue. The work of evacuating the students from the bus has been started. After this the police also came on the spot. The police have started the investigation as to how and why the accident happened. However, the local people have expressed anger over the incident. In view of the incident, they said that so many students were being taken in a bus, why was it not checked beforehand whether it was correct or not.

The condition of 11 students became critical 

Local people allege that why students were being taken in a bus with such mechanical fault. The police has started investigating the matter. The injured students are being treated in the hospital. After the information of the incident, the parents reached the hospital to see their children. The parents have expressed anger over this incident. Even now the condition of 11 students is said to be serious.