Bihar to Nepal direct train service: Now Viratnagar will be able to go via Purnia, know the route and other information

Pankaj Prasad
India to Nepal direct train service
India to Nepal direct train service

Now traveling from Bihar to Nepal is going to be very easy.

Indo-Nepal Train News: There is a great news for the people of Bihar. NF Railway is starting direct train service between India and Nepal very soon. For the first time in the history till now, people will reach Biratnagar in Nepal via Purnia by train. This will not only increase the convenience of traffic, but will also give a boost to the international market. The revenue of Indian Railways will also increase.

When will the train service start

It is understood that by March 2023, the rail service can start. NF Railway's GM Anshul Gupta, who reached Purnia on his special tour, gave the above information. The GM told that the work of laying the track from Purnia to Biratnagar in Nepal via Jogbani is going on for a long time. Connectivity has been done till the custom yard of Viratnagar, but the matter regarding land acquisition near Budhnagar is stuck. It will also be resolved soon. This is also one of the reasons for coming to Purnia.

Passenger train to Biratnagar

GM told that this effort for rail connectivity from Nepal was going on for a long time. Now passenger train is expected to be started till March 2023 till Biratnagar. He said that during this tour, he will not only try to solve the land acquisition issue, but will also hold a meeting of Nepal's traders to increase the income of the Railways.

Benefit of business from rail between India and Nepal

The GM told that in this meeting, an appeal will be made to transport goods between India and Nepal by rail instead of by road. He said that the rate of transportation of goods by trains is less as compared to trucks.

India has a relation of roti-beti with Nepal

India has a relation of roti-beti with Nepal. This tradition has been going on for decades. This relation is maximum in Purnia and Koshi divisions. The people living in both the countries easily get their daughters married. The households of many daughters of Purnia and Gulab Bagh are settled in different cities of Nepal. Here too there are daughters of families living in Nepal. The people of both the countries are bound by family and social relations. On going by road to Biratnagar, after Jogbani one has to catch a separate vehicle for Nepal. It is believed that the facility will increase with the start of direct train service.

Business connectivity will increase

From a commercial point of view, direct connectivity with Nepal is considered essential because the income of the Indian market is largely dependent on Nepal. Many goods including salt, oil, food grains, fertilizers go to Nepal from India, while many goods are also brought here from Nepal. Toffees, biscuits, snacks, cigarettes, clothes etc. are imported to India. So far, transportation has been done by trucks, but it is believed that commercial facilities will also increase when the rail service starts till Nepal.