Basti: The vicious man who emptied the ATM with tongs, spent three crores on his girlfriend from the stolen money

Pankaj Prasad
Man emptied the ATM with tongs
Man emptied the ATM with tongs

During interrogation, it was found that Bajrang Bahadur is a criminal with a very clever mind.

The Cantonment Police, in a joint operation with the SOG team, nabbed an interstate mastermind who withdraws money kept inside ATMs with the help of tongs. According to the police, out of the money withdrawn from the ATM, he has spent Rs 3 crore on his girlfriend in Mumbai.

Police said that on the information of the informer, the police team arrested Bajrang Bahadur alias Sawan Singh, a resident of Karamchandpur police station, Jethwara district Pratapgarh, near Hanumanganj Tirahe, ahead of Vikramjot in Cantonment police station area. A pistol, a cartridge, a safari car and Rs 1950 in cash were recovered from him. He had come here to commit an incident in the district.

SP Ashish Srivastava told that Cantonment Police Station President Durgesh Kumar Pandey was present in the area along with Vikramjot in-charge Omprakash Mishra. Just then, an informer called SOG in-charge Rohit Kumar Upadhyay and told that the informer told that a suspicious person was coming from Amari towards Vikramjot in a car, whose front number plate of the car was broken. It may have some illegal content.

When both the teams tried to stop the speeding car near the culvert ahead of Hanumanganj Tirahe, the car started turning. But due to not being able to turn, he got down from the car and started running backwards. The team ran and caught him. During interrogation, he told his name as Bajrang Bahadur alias Sawan Singh.

On being asked the reason for running away, Sawan Singh told that he had an illegal pistol, hence he was running away due to fear of arrest. A case has been registered against him under the Arms Act. There were many sensational revelations in the police interrogation. He has been sent to jail several times before this.

This is how he commits crime

During interrogation, it was found that Bajrang Bahadur is a very clever minded criminal. Has withdrawn money from ATMs in many states including UP, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar. It has a whole gang, whose leader is this. According to the police, BA pass Vicious used to work in a hotel in Pratapgarh for Rs 12,000 a month. Meanwhile, he came to know that a young man from the village had come from Bihar after learning how to empty the ATM.

After going to Bihar, got a special tongs made for 40 thousand

Bajrang told that he contacted him and took information about the tool (special type of tongs) with which he used to withdraw money from the cash box of the ATM. He went to Bihar and got that tongs made for Rs 40,000. This extractor used to work only in old ATMs. In such a situation, he ran to many states including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh in search of such ATMs. Till now he has withdrawn crores of rupees in this way.