Five girls clashed for a boyfriend, fiercely kicked and punched in the fair, video viral

Pankaj Prasad
Five girls clashed for a boyfriend
Five girls clashed for a boyfriend

A video of Bihar's Sonpur fair is going viral. In the video, five girls are fighting.

Five girls clashed with each other for a boyfriend in Bihar. It so happened that on Monday, a girl was roaming in Harihar area Sonpur fair with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the eyes of four girls fell on these two. Seeing another girl with her boyfriend, the boy's girlfriend attacked her along with her friends.

Please tell that when the viral video is from, it has not been disclosed. Even there is no audio of any kind in the video. Despite this, this video is becoming quite viral on social media. It is being told that in the case of girlfriend-boyfriend, thrashing has been done. The girls had also come to visit the fair and the boy had also come to visit the fair with his girlfriend.

It is being told that among the girls, one of the girls was the ex-girlfriend of the boy, who suddenly meets the boy in the fair, with whom his new girlfriend is also present. An argument started on this matter and after quarrel, there was abusing. Then the matter turned into a fight. The video of this fight is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The young man kept explaining to the girls...

The young man was also confused. The people around were surprised to see the girls fighting suddenly. However, there was also a young man with the girls. He was trying to stop the girls from fighting. It is being told that there was an argument first, then the fight started. The slaps and punches started. Someone watching this spectacle has made a video of it viral and the

girl is seriously injured...

It is clearly visible in the viral video that some girls are beating a girl together. Some are kicking, some are showering punches and some are trying to make the girl fall down by pulling her hair. Meanwhile, a boy is trying to get rid of this fight, but the girls are beating him. All this happened when a large number of police personnel have been deployed at Sonpur Mela to maintain law and order. Despite this, such incidents are raising questions on the Sonpur Mela administration. In relation to the viral video, Saran Information Public Relations Officer Kanhaiya Kumar said, information about such an incident has not been received. If such a video is going viral, it is a private matter. What can the administration do in this? Sonpur administration says, this quarrel took place over boyfriend. Sonpur administration has started investigating the viral video.