75-hour cleanliness campaign begins in UP, garbage dumping sites to be converted into selfie points

Pankaj Prasad
75 hour cleanliness campaign begins in UP
75 hour cleanliness campaign begins in UP

At the beginning of the campaign, he gave a call that the state has to be made 'our UP, golden UP'.

State's Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma committed to cleanliness and cleaning of garbage sites from Maharana Pratap Chauraha in Hussainganj this morning to make Uttar Pradesh a Garbage Vulnerable Points free state: '75 district, 75 hours' Started the state level campaign of '750 bodies'.

Aim to make 'Our UP, Golden UP'

On this occasion, the Urban Development Minister has appealed to the citizens not to throw away the garbage from their homes, shops and establishments, but to separate the dry and wet garbage and make it available to the local bodies on time, so that This garbage can be put to good use. At the beginning of the campaign, he gave a call that the state has to be made 'our UP, golden UP'. He asked to make the garbage places and dirty places clean and develop them as useful and memorable places.

Illegal garbage sites will be completely finished, employees will do Reiki

The Urban Development Minister instructed all civic officials to eliminate the identified garbage sites (garbage vulnerable points) of all small and big cities and civic bodies in the state during a 75-hour special campaign and make people's lives and environment better. During the 75-hour campaign that started today, all the urban bodies will do recce of those who throw garbage on the road and vacant plots, those who throw garbage at such places will also be marked. For public participation in the campaign, people will also be made aware to maintain cleanliness around them.

Made more than 700 dirty places clean, 110 yet to go

The Urban Development Minister said that after cleaning the garbage places, wall of goodness, cleaning post, selfie point, vertical garden should be made there. By beautifying such places, sitting places and children's play areas should be made. Pots should be kept at such places. Parks and gardens should also be developed. He said that there were more than 700 dirty places in Lucknow, which were made clean in the last six-seven months and their filth was removed. There are still 110 left, which will also be destroyed in this campaign.

The wall of goodness will help the needy

The Urban Development Minister also asked to build a wall of goodness near the Lal Kuan Over Bridge in Hussainganj, so that people can donate the useless things of their homes here and the poor can be helped by this.

Local people appreciated the cleanliness program

He asked local resident Rinku Mishra about the filth of this program venue, which has been cleaned and made beautiful. On this Rinku told that this place was very dirty. It was very difficult to stay here and leave here. Local resident Dharmendra Sharma praised the work of the cleaning staff. He complained to the minister that people have encroached under the over bridge, due to which there is often a jam and dirty water is coming in the houses of the people here, which the Urban Development Minister assured to arrange soon.

Saw the offering urn, worship material will be collected

The Urban Development Minister also went to the spot today to see the oblation urn placed on the Hanuman Setu by the Municipal Corporation to prevent the worship material and flower garlands from being thrown into the Gomti river. He instructed the Municipal Commissioner that such offering urns should be placed on all the bridges of the Gomti river, so that instead of throwing the worship material directly into the river, people can put it in the offering urn and collect it from there and put it to good use by the Municipal Corporation.

To stop the throwing of worship materials and flower garlands in the river, an offering urn has been placed by the Municipal Corporation on the Hanuman Setu. Now instead of flowing the puja material directly into the river, people will put the offerings in the urn. You will also be motivated for this.