Rameez Raja again threatened about the Asia Cup, said- If the hosting is snatched, he will withdraw from the tournament

Pankaj Prasad
Rameez Raja
Rameez Raja

Asia Cup 2023 was earlier to be held in Pakistan.

PCB chairman Rameez Raja's statements regarding the Asia Cup to be held in Pakistan next year are not taking the name of stopping. Rameez Raja is constantly saying something or the other on hosting and playing India. Now he has said that if the hosting is taken away from him then the Pakistan team will not play in the tournament. A week ago, he said that if India does not come to us for the Asia Cup, then we will not go to them for the ODI World Cup.

Rameez Raja said on the sidelines of the Pakistan-England Test in Rawalpindi, "It's not that we don't have the hosting rights and we are appealing to host it. We have won fair rights. If India doesn't come, they will Don't come. If the Asia Cup is taken away from Pakistan, maybe we will be out."

I know India will not come: Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja said, “We have shown that we can host big teams. I can understand the issues related to bilateral cricket, but Asia Cup is a multinational tournament. Almost as big as the World Cup for Asian countries. If the hosting was to be taken back from us then why was it given to us? Then why were different statements made about India's tour of Pakistan? I accept that India will not come because the government will not allow them to come, but hosting cannot be taken away on this basis.

Matter increased after Jai Shah's statement

Actually, Asia Cup 2023 was earlier to be held in Pakistan. However, Jay Shah, chairman of the Asian Cricket Council, had said that it would be held at a neutral venue. He had said that it can also be shifted to UAE.

Jai Shah said- Asia Cup 2023 will be played at neutral venue. The Government of India decides on the permission for our team to go to Pakistan, so we will not comment on that, but for the 2023 Asia Cup, it has been decided that the tournament will be held at a neutral venue. After this statement of Jai Shah, there was panic in Pakistan.

The Indian team did not go to Pakistan for 14 years

The last time the Indian team went to Pakistan was in 2008. At the same time, the Pakistani team had come to play in the T20 World Cup on Indian soil in 2016. Due to strained political relations, there has been no bilateral cricket between the two countries since Pakistan toured India for a white-ball series in 2012–13. The two have only played each other in ACC and ICC events.