Cyber ​​Attack: Enemies made cyber attack a weapon to attack India

Amit Kumar Jha
Cyber %E2%80%8B%E2%80%8BAttack Enemies made cyber attack a weapon to attack India
Cyber %E2%80%8B%E2%80%8BAttack Enemies made cyber attack a weapon to attack India

Enemies have now made cyber attack a new weapon to attack India. These include enemies both inside and outside the country.

Increasing cyber attacks on India: 10 days have passed since the cyber attack on the server of India's most famous hospital AIIMS Delhi. Since then till now all the work of AIIMS is going on in manual mode. But the eyes of the enemies of India are not only on the data of AIIMS. This thing has come to the fore in the exclusive investigation of Zee News. After the cyber attack on AIIMS Delhi on 23rd November, our team did Cyber ​​INVESTIGATION by visiting almost all the darkwebs on the internet and during our investigation we came to our notice that on 28th November, a hacker on a darkweb portal had accessed the data of the GST Department of the Government of Maharashtra. leaked.

Maharashtra GST department data leaked

In this data leak, the mobile numbers, official email IDs and VPN IDs of the top officials of the GST Department of Maharashtra were leaked and posted. The hacker who leaked the data of the officers of the GST department of Maharashtra also claimed on the dark web that he has access to the VPN of these officers, ie the password. If any person wants to buy all the sensitive data then contact him.

Big threat to organizations from data theft

According to cyber expert Amit Dubey, if a person gets access to VPN of any government department, then it can prove to be very dangerous. Most government and large private organizations keep their computers connected to VPN, so that their data does not go out of their servers. Along with this, a SECURE CONNECTION should be maintained, so that no one from outside can enter their server, nor can any hacker hack their server by cyber attack. If a person gets access to the VPN of any institution, that is, the user ID and password of the VPN, then with a little effort, he can destroy the entire server, as happened on 23 November in AIIMS Delhi.

When we further investigated this darkweb, we came to know that a hacker has posted the data of more than 1.5 lakh patients of a big private hospital in Tripura in Tamil Nadu for sale. The hacker has put the price of this data from 8 thousand rupees to 32 thousand rupees. This data, sold by hackers under the name "SENSITIVE INDIA MEDICAL HOSPITAL DATA", includes patients' mobile numbers, addresses, and the name of the doctor they are getting treated from.

Twitter accounts of government ministries also hacked

It goes on to say that only yesterday two Twitter handles of the Government of India had come under the control of hackers. The Twitter account of the Government of India's Ministry of Jal Shakti and Swachh Bharat Mission was captured by hackers yesterday morning and tweets were started from it for crypto currency. Although later both the accounts were recovered again, but by then dozens of tweets had been made. This process of hacking Twitter account is not new. Even before this, 8 months ago, on April 9 and April 10, three major government Twitter accounts were captured by hackers, in which the Twitter account of the Chief Minister's Office of Uttar Pradesh, the Twitter account of the Meteorological Department of the Government of India and the Twitter account of the UGC were hacked. Through them also, hackers had tweeted in support of Crypto Currency.

Most attacks on India after America

Talking about cyber attacks on India, in July this year, the Government of India told in the Lok Sabha that from 2019 to June 2022, there were more than 36 lakh 29 thousand cyber attacks on India. From this point of view, there are more than 86 thousand 404 cyber attacks on India every month. Means more than 2 thousand 880 per day. According to the estimates of America's Ponemon Institute and Verizon, the health sector suffers the most attacks in the whole world. 

According to the report released by cyber security company cloudsek in September this year, India's health sector ranks second in terms of cyber attacks in the world. Where after America's health sector, most cyber attacks happen on India's health sector. In such a situation, it is necessary that India should not only take a strong step against cyber attacks, but also declare cyber attacks as terror because it is also a big threat to the security and integrity of the country in today's era.