Maharashtra: Aftab had done 35 pieces of Shraddha, I will make your 70, woman threatened by live-in partner

Pankaj Prasad
woman threatened by live in partner
woman threatened by live in partner

The woman has said in the complaint that she is fed up with the harassment of her live-in partner Arshad Salim.

Instead of taking lessons from the heart-wrenching murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi, some people seem to be getting emboldened by it. Now a woman living in Dhule, Maharashtra has been threatened with murder by her live in partner like Shraddha. The accused has threatened the woman that 'Shraddha Walker was cut into 35 pieces, but I will cut you into 70 pieces'.

Aftab Amin Poonawala, a resident of Maharashtra, had committed the heinous murder of his live-in partner Shraddha Walker. This massacre is now being used for intimidation. This is the message that comes from the complaint lodged by the Dhule victim woman with the police. The woman has said in the complaint that she is fed up with the harassment of her live-in partner Arshad Salim. Salim threatens to cut her into 70 pieces if she doesn't do as he wishes. 

In her complaint to the Dhule police on November 29, the woman accused Arshad of harassing her. Both are living together since July 2021. According to the woman, she was earlier married to another person, but he died in an accident in 2019. In 2017, she had a child with her ex-husband.

Called Harshal Mali instead of Arshad, made a video of rape

After the death of her first husband, she came in contact with a person calling himself Harshal Mali. Actually he was Arshad Salim Malik. He took her to the forest of Laling village in Dhule and raped her there. He had also made a video of this and later he started threatening in the guise of the video. After this both of them decided to live together. In July 2021, both went to Amalner and prepared an affidavit of living in a live-in relationship there. Then he came to know that the name of this person is not Harshal Mali, but Arshad Malik. 

Arshad forcibly converted

The woman told the police that the accused Arshad forcibly converted her. He tried to convert his son also. During this, Malik's father also threatened him. Four months later, the accused took her to a house in Vitta Bhatti area. Here she gave birth to a child in August this year. For some reason, Arshad also stained his skin with the silencer. Police has registered a case against Arshad Salim Malik.