AIIMS Server Hack: China conspired to hack the server! Fear of data leakage of politicians and patients increased

Pankaj Prasad
AIIMS server hack
AIIMS server hack

In the investigation into the hacking incident of computers in Delhi's AIIMS, the role of hackers based in China has been pointed out

AIIMS Server Hack: In the investigation of the hacking incident of computers in Delhi's AIIMS, the role of hackers based in China has been pointed out. This information was confirmed on Friday after the initial suspicion of sources and intelligence agencies. Services at AIIMS are still affected and remain in manual mode.

'Emperor Dragonfly' and 'Bronze Starlight' may have a plot

At the same time, cyber experts said that two Chinese ransomware groups - 'Emperor Dragonfly' and 'Bronze Starlight (DEV-0401)' were targeting pharma institutions across the world of late, but it is yet to be confirmed whether There were tensions associated with these groups. Another suspect behind the attack is a group called Life, which is believed to be a new version of the ransomware called Vanaren.

The investigation also suggests that the hackers may have started putting the data on the dark web for sale as their demands were not met. Due to this, the possibility of leaking confidential data of lakhs of patients including politicians has increased. However, the officials are denying that any data has been tampered with. Investigation has confirmed that five main servers were targeted by Chinese hackers, who later put it on the dark web. The Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police said in a statement on Friday that the mirror images of the affected servers have been sent to the lab for forensic analysis. Officials said that the AIIMS administration and other agencies are in the process of restoring and resuming services.

Ransom demand of Rs 200 crore in cryptocurrency!

Regarding the news of ransom demand of Rs 200 crores in cryptocurrency by hackers, Delhi Police had given a cryptic statement that no ransom demand was made by AIIMS to their notice. The Delhi Police, however, registered an FIR of extortion and cyber terrorism on the complaint of the security officer of AIIMS.