Pele Hospitalized: Former veteran footballer Pele's condition critical, hospitalized, Rivaldo-Mbape prays

Pankaj Prasad
Footballer Pele
Footballer Pele

After Pele went to the hospital, it was reported that he was in serious condition, but this was dismissed by his daughter, Kelly Nascimento.

Amidst the ongoing World Cup in Qatar, there is no good news for football fans from Brazil. The condition of former legendary footballer Pele is critical. He is admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo. Pele was admitted to the hospital for a general check-up, but chemotherapy is not affecting his body parts. For this reason, he has been shifted to palliative care. This is also called end of life care.

According to the doctor of Albert Einstein Hospital, many organs of Pele's body have stopped working. Chemotherapy is not having any effect on him. Pele is battling cancer. After Pelé went to the hospital, it was reported that he was in serious condition, but this was dismissed by his daughter, Kelly Nascimento. Now reports are coming quoting the Brazilian media that his condition is critical.

Seeing the condition of Pele, people around the world are asking for prayers, many footballers of the world have started tweeting. France's young star Kylian Mbappe said to pray for King. At the same time, former Brazilian star Rivaldo wrote – May the King be strengthened. Prayers have also been sought for Pele from the official Twitter handle of the Football World Cup. The organizers of the Qatar World Cup also prayed for Pele and showed his picture through laser light on a building in Doha and wrote – get well soon.

Pele had posted on Instagram 

Pele had given information about his health on Friday on his Instagram account. Along with this, Qatar also shared its picture shown on the building. He wrote, "Friends, I am in the hospital for a routine check-up. It's always nice to receive positive messages like this. Thank you Qatar for this and all those who send me good messages!

Pele was admitted to the hospital even seven

months ago. Then he came out after regular checkup. The tumor was removed from the colon (large intestine) of 82-year-old Pele in September 2021. Since then he goes to the hospital regularly. ESPN Brazil reported that Pelé had heart problems and his medical staff expressed concern that his chemotherapy treatment was not responding well. After this he was taken to the hospital.

Brazil was made three times champion

Pele made his country Brazil three times world champion. Brazil won the World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970 under him. Scored two goals in the 1958 World Cup final against Sudan. Pele played a total of 1363 matches in his professional career and scored 1281 goals. He scored 77 goals in 91 matches for Brazil.