Khan sir trapped in Abdul-Suresh's affair, demand for arrest on social media, fans came to the rescue

Pankaj Prasad
Khan sir
Khan sir

Khan sir, who became famous due to his teaching skills, is once again in the headlines.

Patna. Khan sir, who became famous due to his teaching skills, is once again in the headlines. Khan sir is embroiled in a controversy this time. A small video clip of Khan sir is going viral on social media. Khan sir is trending once again. This time Khan sir is caught in the affair of Abdul and Suresh. They are trending on social media. There is a demand for his arrest. By the way, users have also come to his rescue. Khan sir has been in controversy earlier also. During that time, Khan sir was accused of instigating the violence that broke out after the students' protest against the Railway Recruitment Board Examination, in which a case was also registered by the Bihar Police. Now Khan sir is once again in discussion with the new video.

Congress demanded arrest

In fact, a video clip is being shared, in which Khan sir is explaining to the students about Dwand Samas during a class, during this time, giving the example of two persons named Suresh and Abdullah, he explained to the students about Dwand Samas in his own style. I explained and this teaching skill has now brought Khan sir into controversy. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet has demanded action from the Bihar Police while sharing a short video clip of Khan sir.

Writer Ashok Pandey protested 

Supriya Shrinet wrote in tweeting that, 'Bad, very bad - he should be arrested and those who are making jokes. After listening to their vulgar nonsense, they should think - what are we becoming?. Famous historian Ashok Kumar Pandey said that this is called the limit of meanness. Such people are cheap businessmen who spread hatred in the society while doing the business of education. This man should be arrested immediately.

Users marked the example wrong 

A user has written that Khan sir is a good teacher, but he is telling wrong. Khan Sir is giving wrong information to the students about Dwandva Samas. This example can be given in Yamak Alankar, but never in Dwandva Samas. There is conflict between parents, son-daughter, lota-dori etc. Another user has written that he is showing so much stupidity, it does not suit such a good teacher.

Khan sir's supporters came in favor 

By the way, some people were also seen favoring Khan sir. Khan sir's supporters have written that what does Supriya Shrinet want to say that Suresh was not among the people who blew up the plane in America on the day of 9/11. Means that too was saffron terrorism. Another user has written in support of Khan Sir that ... is this expression not free? He is speaking a social truth only. Where has any allegation been made? Is such thinking not ingrained in the mind of the common man in India?