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Russia-Ukraine War: Two Russian airbases destroyed by Ukraine's drone attack, three Putin soldiers killed

Pankaj Prasad
Russia Ukraine War
Russia Ukraine War

Ukraine's drone aircraft attacked two airbases considered Russia's most secure on Monday.

Ukraine's drone aircraft attacked two airbases considered Russia's most secure on Monday. In this attack, three of Putin's soldiers were killed and four were injured. It is being told that two Russian Tu-95 nuclear bombers have been destroyed in these drone attacks. At the same time, in view of the threat of more attacks from Ukraine, the Russian airbase has been put on high alert. Earlier, large explosions were reported at Engels Airbase in Saratov and Diaghilev Airbase in Ryazan, but there was no official comment.

Ukrainian air force tweets anonymously about attacks While the Russian military has not officially commented on the Ukrainian attacks, its air force tweeted "What happened?" Along with a partying face emoji and images of what looks like a badly damaged plane have been shared.

Let us tell you that Moscow has accused Ukraine of invading its territory several times before, but these alleged attacks are deeper than the previous attacks in Russia. The BBC's Russia editor, Steve Rosenberg, has said that Ukrainian attacks in Russia so far would embarrass the Kremlin. After the attack, Putin has reached the Crimea Bridge tour. Putin himself has driven over the Crimea Bridge. The US and Ukraine are watching Putin's next move.

Russia also became an aggressor

At the same time, Russia has also become an aggressor after the Ukrainian attacks. It is being told that the Russian army bombed several parts of the country including the cities of Odesa, Cherkasy and Krivi Rih on Monday late night. A local water supply company in Odesa said a missile strike had cut off power to pumping stations, leaving the entire city without water. The deputy head of Ukraine's presidential office, Kirylo Tymoshenko, wrote in a telegram, "The enemy is once again launching missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine. Air raid warnings were issued across the country and authorities asked people to take shelter in safe places.