Where the voice is crushed, the government is on the backfoot, Jinping is planning to take back corona policy

Pankaj Prasad
China zero covid policy
China zero covid policy

Not only Beijing, many big cities of China are being exempted from Corona rules.

After decades, China is burning in the fire of such demonstrations, whose flame is now troubling the Jinping government as well. The anger of the people has increased to such an extent that now they are in a mood to cross the government. In such a situation, it is in the interest of the Chinese government that it slowly withdraws its zero-covid policy. 

However, it is not easy for the Chinese President himself to withdraw from the policy which Xi Jinping has been praising and justifying in front of the world. In such a situation, now they are looking for a way out of this policy carefully.

Relaxation started in Beijing 

There has been no significant decline in corona infection in Beijing. Despite this, people have now been given relief from PCR tests in public transport. Restaurants and bars are also gradually being opened. At the same time, in some cases the corona infected person is being allowed to stay separately in the house. Whereas, earlier the entire area was sealed off when even a single case was detected. 

Relief given gradually in every city

Not only Beijing, many big cities of China are being exempted from Corona rules. Here in the southeastern Zhejiang province, except for people working in certain jobs, other people are not being tested regularly. Similarly, in Shandong province, the mandatory test has been done away with even when buying cough medicine. Similar relaxations are being made in major cities such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Urumqi in western Xinjiang has reopened supermarkets, hotels, cinemas and gyms. At the same time, public transport has been resumed in Tibet. 

What is the new plan of the government?

According to the information, after the anger of the people, the Chinese government is taking a step back from the zero covid policy. The spread of corona infection will be controlled under the new scheme. For this, the health system will be able to deal with it, rather than imposing restrictions on people forcibly.