Discussion of Wuhan lab started again, American scientist made a big disclosure in a book

Pankaj Prasad
China Wuhan Lab
China Wuhan Lab

China has told many lies in front of the world regarding Corona infection.

China's Wuhan lab is once again in the news. Actually, an American scientist Andrew Huff did a research while staying in Wuhan, after which he has claimed that Corona has spread across the country after the leak from Wuhan's lab. He told through a book that there was a lack of security in the Wuhan lab. Due to which the leakage of corona could not be stopped.

First infected was found in Wuhan lab

China has told many lies in front of the world regarding Corona infection. However, Andrew Huff's book has reinforced the claim that the testing of bats and corona was going on in Wuhan's lab. It should also be known that the corona-infected doctors were first found in the Wuhan lab itself. But citing a meat market, China had said about the spread of coronavirus.

Corona spread due to lapse in security?

According to the American scientist, adequate security arrangements were not made in the lab, due to which the corona virus came out of the lab. According to a report by Network 18, for the last few years in Wuhan, America is engaged in research on gain of function. An American university gives money for this. It has been told that a large number of gains of function were also found in the research being done on bats in the Wuhan lab.

America denied China's claims

Wuhan Lab, also known as Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab. China tells that this lab is used for civilian works. But America has rejected this claim and said that China uses this lab for a secret project. Here China does research on many things. Although it has not been completely clear till now what was the need of China for the research being done on Corona or how China was using it as a weapon.