Iranian government is publicly hanging for protesting, two protesters were sentenced to death within a week

Pankaj Prasad
Iranian government publicly hanging for protesting
Iranian government publicly hanging for protesting

Hundreds of people gathered outside the residence of an Iranian diplomat in New York City on Friday to condemn the execution of a protester in Iran.

Protesters protesting against the government in Iran are being hanged publicly. According to the Mizan news agency, two people have been publicly executed in less than a week for voicing their voices. According to the news agency AFP, a protester in Iran was hanged publicly after being found guilty of stabbing two security personnel. This is the second execution after Mohsin Shekhri was hanged last week over anti-government protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody for allegedly violating the country's strict women's dress code.

Rahnavard stabbed and killed two security personnel

According to Iran's Mizan news agency under the country's judiciary, Rahnavard was accused of stabbing two members of the security force and injuring four others in Mashhad on November 17. 

The Revolutionary Court of Mashhad convicted Rahnavarad on the charge of Muharrebeh, a Persian word meaning waging war against God. Others have been accused of this and given the death penalty in the decades following the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Mashhad, a Shia holy city, is located approximately 740 km east of Tehran. In footage circulated, a man can be seen chasing another to a street corner, where he stabs him after he falls from a parked motorcycle. Another footage showed the same man stabbing another man and he immediately fled. State TV alleged that the attacker was identified as Rahanvarad.