Long Covid: Confirmation of deaths due to Long Covid in America, meanwhile new wave of Corona came

Pankaj Prasad
Long Covid in America
Long Covid in America

Deaths have also been confirmed in America due to Long Covid.

America has not yet got rid of the cases of Long Covid, meanwhile a new wave of corona infection has come here. Due to the rapid increase in the cases of corona infection in the country, the rules related to Covid-19 have been implemented once again. On Thursday, the White House announced several such rules. Under this, the government will provide four kits for coronavirus test free of cost to every family, the vaccination campaign will be intensified, the supply of masks, gloves, gowns etc. will be speeded up, and hospitals will be provided with necessary facilities for treatment.

The White House has urged Congress to approve more funding to continue COVID-19 related assistance. An official of the Joe Biden administration said that at present facilities are being provided from the budget of the 2021 relief plan, but this will happen further only when the Parliament approves the new budget.

In recent weeks, cases of corona infection in the US have increased by up to 90 percent. In the week ending December 7, more than four lakh 59 thousand cases of new infection were reported. Experts have said that a new wave of infection has come with the onset of winter, but it is possible that it will come under control soon.

Meanwhile, deaths have also been confirmed in America due to Long Covid. According to a study report released this Wednesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3,544 people lost their lives due to long covid in the first two and a half years after the corona pandemic. Even after recovering from corona infection, people suffering from many of its symptoms are considered patients of long covid.

According to the CDC report, more than one million people have died due to Covid-19 in America. The number of people who died of long covid sits at 0.3 percent of that. Farida Ahmed, a health scientist associated with the CDC, said in a conversation with the newspaper Washington Post - The new report shows that long covid is related to being sick for a long time and this disease can also cause death.

David Putrino, a specialist with Mount Sinai Health System, told the TV channel CNN that this study is a good start. He said- 'This is information about those people who became seriously ill and had to go to the hospital due to organ damage. But it does not include such patients of Long Covid, who are doing everyday activities with ongoing symptoms.

Putrino said- 'We read such news every day, in which it is told about people who were completely healthy before, but when they became victims of Covid, after that they had heart attack, paralysis or lung failure. It has become a problem like disease. There have also been incidents of suicide, which are believed to be related to Long Covid.