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Nepal Drug Ban: 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies banned, decision taken after WHO's warning

Pankaj Prasad
Nepal blacklisted 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies
Nepal blacklisted 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies

Nepal has blacklisted 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Nepal has blacklisted 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies. The ban follows a World Health Organization (WHO) warning following the deaths of children in African countries who were exposed to cough syrup. The Medicines Authority of Nepal has issued a list in this regard. Yogguru Baba Ramdev's company Divya Pharmacy is also included in this list released by the Government of Nepal, this company manufactures products under the brand name Patanjali.

The 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies named in the list issued by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Nepal are Radiant Parenterals Limited, Mercury Laboratories Limited, Alliance Biotech, Captab Biotech, Aglomet Limited, Zee Laboratories Limited, Daffodils Pharmaceuticals Limited, GLUS Pharma Limited, Yenijules Life Science Ltd. and Concept Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. etc. Apart from these, big companies like Anand Life Sciences Limited, IPCA Laboratories Limited, Cadila Healthcare Limited, Dial Pharmaceuticals, Aglomed Limited and Macur Laboratories Limited are also named in the list. According to Nepal officials, these companies have failed to follow the standards set by WHO. For this reason they have been blacklisted in Nepal.

Santosh KC of Nepal's Drug Regulatory Authority said that after inspection of manufacturing facilities of pharmaceutical companies, we have issued a list of drug exporting companies in Nepal who failed to comply with the standards set by WHO. In the months of April and July, a team of drug inspectors was sent by Nepal to inspect the manufacturing units of these pharmaceutical companies. During this inspection, it was found that the production of these companies did not comply with the prescribed standards. Proper manufacturing process was also not being followed in some companies. These products are used in critical care, dental cartridges and vaccines.

# 66 children died in Gambia after drinking cough syrup made in India

Explain that after the death of 66 children in Gambia after drinking cough syrup, the World Health Organization had issued an alert about four cough syrups manufactured in Haryana. . It was claimed that the children died after drinking cough syrup manufactured by Madden Pharmaceuticals.