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India is strengthening infrastructure on Pakistan border, BSF bunkers are also being fortified

Pankaj Prasad
Border Security Forces
Border Security Forces

India-Pakistan share a 2,289 kilometer long international border.

India is continuously strengthening itself on the China and Pakistan border. To meet this objective, the defense infrastructure along the border is constantly being improved and developed. At the same time, official sources have also told that since the declaration of military ceasefire between India and Pakistan in 2021, Indian security agencies have increased defense infrastructure including building ramps for army tanks and strengthening BSF bunkers along the international border with Pakistan. Major improvements have been made to the structure. 

The sources also said that the first phase of infrastructure reconstruction and some new constructions have been completed recently. Under the first phase, the defense development works have been carried out in a distance of 26 kms along the front in Jammu. At the same time, another work is being done in the same area in the range of 33 km. 

Significantly, India-Pakistan share a 2,289 km long international border. Out of this, about 192 km long border area falls in Jammu. At the same time, before Jammu, the border also passes through Gujarat and Rajasthan in the western part of the country. Whereas, the Line of Actual Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan mainly falls in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the two countries share a border of about 772 km. 

Defense infrastructure development being done on the border

The defense infrastructure carried out along the front with Pakistan includes construction and reconstruction of several DCBs (Ditch-cum-Bounds), maintenance of damaged border fencing, construction of ramps for movement of army tanks in forward areas, Border Security Force' Front development is also included. Along with this, development of space has also been done for setting up bunker-surveillance and other security mechanisms, officials said. Officials said that the work is being done with the funds allocated from the Union Home Ministry for the development of defense infrastructure. 

Fortification of bunkers underway 

BSF officials also informed that work is also being done to level the kuccha road used by vehicles of BSF personnel to reach border outposts in Jammu region. Simultaneously, similar work has been done by the BSF along the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kashmir region. There BSF is converting bunkers at 115 forward defense locations (FDLs) into solar-powered and steel-made CGI (corrugated galvanized iron) bunkers for its troops.

A senior BSF officer briefed about the work being done on the border. He said these works were initiated after India and Pakistan renewed their ceasefire agreement on the front in Jammu and Kashmir on February 20, 2021. Recently its first phase has been completed in the 26 kilometer border area. At the same time, work is being done under the second phase in the 33 km long border area. He told that if any major work takes place near the border fence, then both sides share information about it with each other.  No major incident took place The officials also said that barring a few incidents, last year's military ceasefire agreement is progressing well. Some of the incidents include unprovoked firing by Pakistan in Jammu on September 6, he said. 

Officials said that the silence of the guns was helping in maintaining peace along the international border. Not only this, border residents and farmers are doing their normal work without any hindrance. However, the officials also said that they are not afraid of unprovoked firing by Pakistan and are capable of retaliating to them. 

Significantly, the 772 km long Line of Control is guarded by the army. BSF is deployed in about 435 km of this front under its operational command.