Taliban bans women employees, foreign aid groups stop operations in Afghanistan

Pankaj Prasad
Taliban bans women employees
Taliban bans women employees

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they have taken many such decisions which are quite surprising.

After banning university education for girls, the government of Afghanistan has issued another Taliban decree. In fact, news agency ANI quoted Reuters as saying that Afghanistan's Taliban-run administration on Saturday ordered all local and foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to stop women employees from coming to work. Meanwhile, news agency PTI quoted AP as saying that following the Taliban's decree, foreign NGOs have stopped their operations in Afghanistan.  

According to information, the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan has issued a letter to local and foreign non-governmental organizations in this regard. Earlier, the Taliban recently banned university education for Afghan girls.

This reason was told behind the ban on university education

Ever since the Taliban captured Afghanistan, they have taken many such decisions which are quite surprising. These include many decisions imposing strict restrictions on women. Recently, the Taliban's head of higher education gave a reason for banning university education for Afghan girls. According to information received from foreign media, the Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan said that in order to prevent women from mingling with men, they have been banned from taking education in universities. Furthermore, the university's curriculum, which is contrary to Islamic law and Afghan pride, was in violation of Islamic values. Because of them also this decision has been taken.

He also said that the decision to close universities for girls was taken due to the presence of women in hostels, their movement from the provinces without male companions and the disobedience of the hijab. 

Restrictions on the freedom of women imposed through these decisions

Ever since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, not only the freedom of women there has been restricted but many of their human rights have also been snatched away. Since the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban government has enforced a ban on women in parks, banning schooling, ordering women to cover their faces in public, and banning them from going out without male companions. Human rights have been violated.