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Covid in India: Center's full emphasis on monitoring to prevent the spread of Covid, keep an eye on hospitals

Pankaj Prasad
Covid in India
Covid in India

In view of the increasing Covid cases in the world, the Central Government has again warned about the new threat of Covid in the country.

In view of the increasing Covid cases in the world, the Central Government has again warned about the new threat of Covid in the country. The central government has directed all states to increase surveillance and keep an eye on those admitted to hospitals.

Sources associated with the Union Health Ministry said that if there is a sudden spurt in hospitalizations or respiratory patients related to Kovid-19 in some areas of the country, then it will be a red flag for us. That's why all hospitals should keep a close watch. Any unusual increase in the number of patients should be identified. A senior Health Ministry official said that the state should also keep an eye on the cases of coronavirus in hospitals. 

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya held a meeting with state health ministers on Friday to review the management and vaccination of Covid-19. In this, he said that attention should be paid to monitoring in hospitals. He also emphasized on monitoring of sewage and waste water in the states, so that the transmission of virus through faeces can be prevented. 

Nationwide network for surveillance is also one of the early signs of spread of the disease within the community. Sewage sample testing has also been a major method of monitoring polio in the past. A nationwide network for surveillance of influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) has been created for community surveillance.

Flu cases increase in cold, the health officer said that 25 to 30 percent of the patients of these diseases turn into Covid positive. This is why it is important to investigate these matters. The cases of flu increase in cold or winter weather anyway.

Mock drill will be held in the states tomorrow, information will have to be given in the Corona War Room in Delhi
On the instructions of the Center, preparations for the mock drill to be held in hospitals across the country on Tuesday have almost been completed. The Union Health Ministry has provided a form to the states for mock drill on Sunday, which has been instructed to download from the Covin India portal. This form will have to be filled along with the mock drill and uploaded at the same time as well as information will have to be given to the Corona War Room in Delhi. Giving this information, a senior official of the Ministry said that mock drill is going to be held on the morning of 27th December at all the health centers of the country.  

Omicron changed 540 times, Corona changed 18 thousand times

In the latest report of INSACOG, it has been said that the coronavirus changes its form very fast. Till now it has seen changes more than 18 thousand times. For the past one year, only sub-variants related to the Omicron variant of Corona are being circulated all over the world. So, when it comes to Omicron, it has changed 540 times and given birth to 61 mixed variants. In view of these changes of the virus, it is being asked to emphasize on genome sequencing.