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Cold Wave: Terrible snow storm of the century in America, 49 killed, havoc in Japan and Austria too

Pankaj Prasad
Terrible snow storm in America
Terrible snow storm in America

About 200 million people of the country are badly affected by the snow storm during Christmas in America.

Due to icy winds and storms in many places in the world, life has become chaotic. While 49 people have died so far in the US due to the snow cyclonic storm "Bomb", 17 people have died and 93 people have been injured due to heavy snowfall in a large part of Japan. There is power failure in hundreds of houses here. On the other hand, 10 are missing due to avalanche in Austria of Europe.

About 200 million people of the country are badly affected by the snow storm during Christmas in America. 49 people have died, while four people have lost their lives in Canada as well. The effect of the storm is being seen till Mexico. Ambulances are not able to reach the patients here and there is even electricity failure in many cities. The most affected are cities like New York and Montana where the temperature has reached minus 45 degrees.

American officials are calling it the worst storm of the century. Snow storm conditions are still in place in parts of the US Northeast. For the last several days, America is bound by this. There is no electricity in lakhs of houses, movement is at a standstill and there is snow all around. At least 49 deaths have occurred in nine states.

Things are also bad in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. America's Buffalo has zero visibility, 12 deaths have occurred here. Emergency management officials in Japan said on Monday that hundreds of vehicles were stranded on highways amid heavy snowfall in the country. Delivery services are delayed. As of Monday, the death toll has risen to 17 while more than 90 are injured. On the other hand, avalanches continue in Austria. There is a possibility of people getting buried in snow near Zuers town. 

In New York, a layer of snow 30 to 40 inches thick, New York Governor Cathy Hochul, in a discussion with the media, admitted that it was the worst snow storm of the century. Areas of western New York remained covered with 30 to 40 inches of snow. Hochul spoke to President Joe Biden on the phone, pleading for his help. Biden said the federal government would do all it could to help, as he and Jill Biden offered prayers for those who lost loved ones in the storm. 

The storm caused power outages in Seattle. But after much effort, heating and electricity were restored in America. Many passengers were stranded at the airports on the occasion of Christmas. His flight was either canceled or delayed. Airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and New York were in bad shape. Buffalo Airport remained closed.

According to the National Weather Service, up to 43 inches of snowfall was recorded. 2 to 3 inches of snow fell in Buffalo for an hour. New York is currently not expecting relief from snowfall. The Meteorological Department has predicted 14 inches of snowfall. This will add to the woes of the already snow-bound city. 

Dead body found in car, snow was freezing as soon as hand was taken out

In some US areas, the situation is such that as soon as you take your hand out of the door, it is freezing like ice. New York's condition is from bad to worse. Here in Buffalo City, Lake Erie has frozen over. Here the dead bodies of some people were found in the car and some were found buried in the snow. The Meteorological Service has advised that those who are going out of their homes should wear proper clothes. Keep your face and skin covered as much as possible. Also, do carry safety kits in the car. The weather will remain like this for the whole week and people have been instructed to stay indoors. 

Category-1 cyclone is like 'bomb'

This fierce winter storm is being called Cyclone Bomb. It becomes fatal within a few hours. During this, the pressure of the storm drops completely. Heavy snow falls in the area and strong winds blow. The status of a bomb cyclone is similar to that of a category-1 cyclone.

15 thousand flights canceled due to bad weather More than 15 thousand flights

have been canceled in America in 48 hours due to bad weather. People could not go to their homes and celebrate Christmas. He had to spend the night sleeping on the floor of the airport. Many people traveling by car got stuck on the way. More or less the same condition is being seen in Japan and European countries as well.  

Many buried under thick sheet of snow in Japan, Austria Many

of the dead and injured in Japan fell while clearing snow from roofs or got buried under the thick sheet of snow sliding from the roofs. The danger from an avalanche in western Austria has been classified as 'high' by the local mountain rescue service. The avalanche occurred between Zuers and Lech am Arlberg on a mountain 2,700 meters high, where 200 rescuers have been deployed to rescue the trapped people. 

Advice to be careful while clearing snow in Japan

Municipal offices in snow-hit areas in Japan have advised residents to exercise caution when clearing snow and not to work alone. A 70-year-old woman was found dead buried under a thick pile of snow on her roof that suddenly fell on her in Nagai city of Yamagata prefecture, about 300 kilometers north of Tokyo, the disaster management agency said.