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Rajasthan Paper leak: Kirorilal Meena made a big disclosure, told- this officer sitting in RPSC played

Pankaj Prasad
Kirorilal Meena
Kirorilal Meena

Kirorilal Meena, in a press conference in Jaipur, made several revelations regarding the Rajasthan Public Service Commission.

MP Kirorilal Meena has blamed RPSC for the senior teacher recruitment exam paper leak case in Rajasthan. He alleged that the RPSC staff had given the paper to Suresh Dhaka and Bhupendra 15 days in advance, after which not only Udaipur but also in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Dausa and Kota on 21, 22, and 24 December paper has been leaked. In such a situation, the entire recruitment examination should be canceled and the matter should be investigated by the CBI. Because many administrative officers and politicians of Rajasthan government are also involved in the copying case. If the government does not do this, then I will start a campaign against the government along with the public.

MP Kirori Lal Meena alleged, RPSC staff had given set of 80-80 (total 240) questions to Suresh Dhaka and his associates thrice. It is clear that the paper is not linked to the printing press. Rather the moderator of RPSC has leaked the paper. I also have the name of the person through whom the paper was given to Suresh and his associates. But due to the investigation being affected, I cannot reveal his name at the moment. But I am not going to spare any guilty. I will keep everyone's reality in front of the public.

Dhaka has been running coaching for a long time...

MP Meena said that Suresh Dhaka has been running coaching in Jaipur for a long time. Even before this, he was involved in the incidents of rigging and paper leak in the recruitment examination. But due to his influence, no action was taken against him by the police administration, which made his spirits higher. After this, along with his associates, he prepared a complete copycat gang, which includes many government employees and unemployed youth. Those who are playing with the future of the youth of the state. In such a situation, Suresh Dhaka should be arrested as soon as possible. So that the real copycat gang can be busted.

Government is not taking action against the culprits

MP Meena said that the government had demolished the property of the accused Ram Kripal during the REET recruitment examination. But the government is not taking action against the culprits of the constable recruitment exam. Because he is a Congress leader and influential. He said that the school of Vice President of Vipra Welfare Board Manju Sharma has not been sealed yet. Nor has any action been taken on that. In such a situation, the morale of the copycat gang is increasing day by day. If the government would have taken action on Sharma's school in time. So maybe even the paper of senior teacher recruitment exam is not written.

Member of Parliament Meena said that till now 16 recruitment examinations have been conducted under the Rajasthan government. Out of which the paper of 10 recruitment exams has been leaked. Due to which the future of lakhs of youth has come in danger, in such a situation, this whole episode should be investigated by CBI. If this did not happen So I will fight against the government and do a big movement with the youth.