Ukraine Crisis: Russia wreaks havoc in Ukraine, fired more than 100 missiles, capital Kyiv shook with explosions

Pankaj Prasad
Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine Crisis

Russia has fired more than 100 missiles over Ukraine's capital Kyiv.

Russia created such havoc in Ukraine on Thursday morning that panic spread all around. According to the news agency Reuters, Russia has fired more than 100 missiles over Ukraine's capital Kyiv. Hearing the sound of explosions, people were seen running here and there. While Oleksiy Erestovich, an adviser to the presidential office, informed about the attack on Facebook, the head of Ukraine's Mykolaiv region also reported Russian missiles in the air. Several explosions were heard in Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Odessa, according to Reuters correspondents and local media reports. Power cuts were announced in the Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk regions, aimed at minimizing potential damage to the energy infrastructure.

Russia had fired 33 missiles on Wednesday too

 Even before this, Russia fired 33 missiles from several rocket launchers at civilian targets in Kherson in 24 hours in the early hours of Wednesday. However, Russia denied targeting civilians. Heavy fighting also continued around the Ukrainian-held town of Bakhmut. Ukrainian social media reports said a nationwide alert could be declared after Russian jets stationed in neighboring Belarus flew over it. Britain's Defense Ministry said fighting was particularly intense around the strategic eastern town of Bakhmut in Donetsk province and Svyatov in Luhansk province in the north.

Earlier, Russia had fired 70 missiles on December 16

Earlier, on December 16, Russia had destroyed three cities of Ukraine by firing 70 missiles. Three people were killed when a residential building collapsed from a missile attack in the Krivi Rih residential area. Whereas, one person lost his life in shelling in Kharson.