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Delhi Kanjhawala Case: Mother said- She was wearing so many clothes, then why was there nothing on her body?

Pankaj Prasad
Delhi Kanjhawala Case
Delhi Kanjhawala Case

The mother of the deceased girl has become insensitive after the horrific accident in Delhi.

The statement of the victim's mother has come to the fore in the case of dragging a girl for 13 kilometers in a car from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala in the country's capital Delhi. The mother of the deceased has become insensitive due to the death of her daughter. She is fainting from time to time. Talking to the media, he said that he last spoke to his daughter at 9.00 pm.

Mother said that I spoke to her at 9.00 pm, then she said that she would come home by around 3-4 in the morning. The victim's mother says that her daughter used to work as an event planner in weddings. She was the only earning member of the family. 

The victim says that the police called her on Sunday morning and told about the accident. I was taken to the police station and asked to wait. When my brother reached the police station, he was informed about my daughter's death. Then my brother told this thing to me.

The victim, who narrated the whole incident crying out, said that my daughter was the only earning member in the family. When she left the house, she was wearing many clothes, but not even a piece of cloth was found on her body. The victim asked what kind of accident was this in which my daughter got into this condition.

This is the whole matter

In the case of dragging a girl for 13 kilometers in Sultanpuri on Saturday night, even humanity was put to shame. The accused youth, who was in an inebriated state of alcohol, dragged the girl from Sultanpuri to Jonti village, Kanjhawala by car. The girl was trapped between the front bumper and the wheels. When the body stuck in the car fell on the road, the youth fled. At 4:11 am on Sunday, passers-by informed the police after seeing the dead body of the girl on the road. When the police reached the spot and saw the dead body of the girl, they were shocked. There was not a single cloth on the body. The rear part had disappeared due to the rubbing of the road. There was not a single drop of blood left in the body. The policemen probing the case said that they had never seen such a horrific accident in their life. The accused had gone to Murthal for a New Year party. The accused were returning to Mangolpuri in a gray colored car.

A 20-year-old girl riding a scooty got hit by a car in Sultanpuri. After this, the accused dragged the girl from the car for about 10 kilometers. At around 3:24 pm, the Sultanpuri police station received information that the girl had been dragged by tying her in a car. When the SHO on patrol reached the spot, the girl's scooty was found in Sultanpuri. While the investigation was going on, a call was received at 4:11 a.m. at Kanjhawala in Rohini about a girl being dragged from a car. The outer district police also reached Jonti village. The dead body of the girl was recovered here. 

There is hardly any bone left in the body which is not broken. A leg was also missing. The other leg was completely amputated. Due to rubbing on the back, there was a pit in the body. The internal organs of the body were also missing from the rear side. The girl's body and parts of her clothes are believed to have spread from Sultanpuri to Jonti village. A police team reached the spot from Sultanpuri on Sunday for investigation. The police collected remains from the spot during this distance. Preparations are being made to get the car of the accused mechanically inspected.