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Indiana woman kidnapped 8-year-old girl, runs naked down the street and fights with police

Amit Kumar Jha
Indiana woman kidnapped 8 year old girl runs naked down the street and fights with police
Indiana woman kidnapped 8 year old girl runs naked down the street and fights with police

Brittany Hurtt, 34, jumped over the Austin Elementary school fence in Indiana to kidnap an 8-year-old girl and take her home, then run naked through the streets as police tried to stop her.

An Indiana woman kidnapped an 8-year-old girl from a playground, took the infant home and left her with her confused husband before running naked down the street, authorities said.

Brittany Hurtt, 34, allegedly clashed with Austin police when she was arrested Monday, complaining that computers “were teaching children and all children had to die” as she was taken in for a medical exam., according to court records.

Hurtt had allegedly tried to kidnap another child before, and the would-be victim later told authorities that Hurtt grabbed her wrist and said, “We're going to start a family.”

Police were notified that a woman jumped over a fence and kidnapped an eight-year-old girl from an elementary school playground and fled in her car, WXIN-TV reported, citing an arrest affidavit.

Hurtt's husband then flagged down officers and told them that his wife had come home with an unknown girl in the passenger seat and then proceeded to undress and run down the street, according to authorities.

The girl was rushed back to the school and an officer chased after Hurtt, who was “running naked down the street with two white trash bags.”

Hurtt collided with an officer's vehicle and tried to “blow the door open” before officers handcuffed her and wrestled her into a police car as she resisted, according to court records.

Once in the vehicle, Hurtt reportedly began “kicking in the rear windows” while yelling and refusing to put on the clothes her husband had brought her.

Officers tried to put Hurtt on a stretcher so she could be taken to an emergency room for evaluation.

At the time, he allegedly kicked an officer in the hand and was “making statements about how computers were teaching children and all children needed to die.”

Hurtt now faces charges of kidnapping, assault on a public safety officer, burglary, resisting law enforcement, nudity and public indecency, Austin police posted on Facebook Monday.

Austin Elementary School said in a statement that the campus was closed after the incident and that the kidnapped girl had been “returned within minutes.”

“Austin Elementary is re-evaluating playground protocols to increase student safety,” the statement, posted to Facebook, reads.

The school district confirmed to Fox News Digital that Hurtt has a son attending the school and that the institute will be making several changes in the wake of the incident, including adding additional height to the existing fence.