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UK: Sunak, who is facing criticism regarding NHS, gave a roundabout answer to the question of personal policy

Pankaj Prasad
PM Rishi Sunak
PM Rishi Sunak

The health crisis in the UK has deepened to such an extent that hospitals are overcrowded with thousands of patients waiting outside.

In the midst of heavy pressure on health services in Britain, PM Rishi Sunak gave a roundabout answer to the question of ever taking advantage of any private general policy. In fact, in the wake of the plight of the National Health Service in Britain, he was asked whether he was or was ever registered with a private general policy? To this Sunak said that his father was a doctor and he grew up in an NHS family.

He also gave a more evasive answer, saying that he has made a general policy of never talking about his or his family's health care situation. During the interview he also said that in general we should be using the private sector more for things like elective surgeries. So that patients can choose where their treatment can be better. 

 During this Rishi Sunak said that I am sure that in a few months we will practically reduce the number of people who are waiting for their treatment for one and a half years.

 Last Saturday, PM Sunak tweeted that "we are determined to deliver on our promise to reduce pressure on the NHS, ensure better care for patients and cut waiting lists".

According to the announcement of NHS England, by the beginning of 2022 the number of such patients was close to 22,500 who had been waiting for treatment for two years. Although this number is gradually decreasing. In August 2022, NHS England reported that fewer than 200 people had now been waiting two years for treatment. However, this number does not include complicated cases as well as those who chose to postpone treatment.

The government is committed to a plan to end the 18-month wait by April 2023. In November 2022, NHS England reported that there had been a 60% drop in the number of people on this list. Significantly, the government has another target of reducing the year-long waiting list by March 2025. By October 2022, approximately 411,000 people were waiting more than a year for treatment.
However, data compiled by the British Medical Association (BMA) shows that the total number of people waiting for specialist NHS treatment in England has increased every month since January 2022. It currently stands at a record number of 7.21 million people by October 2022.

The condition of Britain's health service is very bad

Significantly, his statement has come when the situation of health crisis in Britain has deepened so much that there is a huge crowd of patients in hospitals and thousands of patients are waiting outside the hospital. The government has said it is bringing together experts from the health and service sectors to share knowledge and practical solutions.

Government is taking strict steps

Actually, due to the restrictions imposed in Britain due to the Corona epidemic, all the focus was shifted to the Corona patients. Due to which patients suffering from other diseases were not being treated smoothly. Later, when the restrictions related to the Corona epidemic were relaxed, the pressure on Britain's National Health Service suddenly increased. Also, Britain's health system is facing pressure from a rise in flu and other cold viruses after two years in lockdown and a reduction in European staff after Brexit. To deal with which the government is taking concrete and tough steps. 

The opposition Labor Party has dismissed the meeting as a "foolish exercise" and experts have warned that there is no quick fix to long-standing problems at the government-funded National Health Service (NHS).