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Abortion was done in OT without unconsciousness by holding hands and feet, alleged nurse arrested

Pankaj Prasad
Abortion done in OT without unconsciousness
Abortion done in OT without unconsciousness

Sonawat, the pregnant wife of Ramvadan, a resident of Jainpur Tola Kajipur, died during treatment at Satyam Hospital on January 3.

A shocking case has come to light in Gorakhpur district. On Monday, the police arrested Geeta, the alleged nurse of Satyam Hospital operating in Bhathat. Geeta told the police that the alleged doctor Ranjit was performing abortion on Sonawat in the OT (Operation Theatre) without making her unconscious. When she started writhing in pain, two other people held her hand and Geeta stood by the head. During this, Sonawat was suffering from pain. Death had happened then, but Ranjit had taken him to another hospital when the matter worsened.

The police produced the accused Geeta in the court on Monday, from where she was sent to jail. On the other hand, the police is looking for the doctor accused in the Tahrir case of ACMO, in whose name the hospital was registered.

According to the information, Geeta, who was arrested on Monday, told that she used to sell vegetables with her father after doing JMM course from a private nursing college in Lucknow. He is in his second year now. Geeta says that Sonawat came to the hospital on Monday with a complaint of stomach pain and Ranjit himself used to sit in the doctor's cabin, so he admitted the woman and started the treatment.

On asking the woman, it came to know that bleeding was happening. Had taken the claim from somewhere. At four in the morning of Tuesday, Sonawat loudly asked to call the head because of pain in the stomach. Told Ranjit then asked to take him to OT. When Ranjit used to perform the operation, abortion was started without making the woman unconscious by wearing operation theater clothes.

At that time two other persons were holding hands and she was standing near the head. At the same time she came out due to a delivery case. When I returned again, I saw that the woman was not saying anything and I was asked to bring a trolley and after loading her on it, took her somewhere in my car.

Geeta was midwife in Satyam Hospital

Geeta told that she needed money for her studies. Because of this, on December 22, she went to Satyam Hospital in Bhathat for work. She was hired as a midwife. Had to cook food for ten people and got the job of installing bed seats. Geeta told that she is studying JMS. The fees were covered by the scholarship in the first year. When there was no arrangement to deposit the fees for the second year, he worked for fifteen days in Jyotima Hospital located in Paniyara last year, after which it got sealed.

This was the case Sonavat, the pregnant wife of Jainpur Tola Kajipur resident Ramvadan, died during treatment at Satyam Hospital on January 3. In the case, the police had registered a case of culpable homicide against Ranjit Nishad on the complaint of Ramvadan.

Police arrested Ranjit Nishad in the case and sent him to jail. Police has registered a second case in this case against Dr. Sunil Kumar Saroj and director Subhash Nishad on the Tahrir of ACMO Dr. AK Singh. The search for these two is on.