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Action to demolish Malari Inn and Mount View Hotel begins, highway closed by putting barricade

Pankaj Prasad
Joshimath Crisis
Joshimath Crisis

The process to demolish Hotel Mount View in Joshimath has started.

The number of unsafe buildings is continuously increasing in Joshimath city. A total of 678 buildings have been identified so far. The CBRI team surveyed Malari Inn and Mount View Hotel on Monday. Today, on Thursday, Hotel Mount View is being demolished. These hotels have been badly damaged. 

District Magistrate Himansh Khurana had issued orders for the immediate demolition of Hotel Malari Inn and Mount View under Section 34T of the Joshimath Disaster Act 2005 for the safety of the general public. The action to demolish the hotel in Joshimath has started. Hotel Mount View and Malari Inn were to be demolished in Joshimath on Tuesday itself, but the hotel owners started opposing the action. He said that the economic evaluation was not done, as well as the notice was not even given.

When the protest increased, the administration had to step back. However, the officials had something else to say. Secretary Disaster Management Dr. Ranjit Sinha said that cranes are needed to demolish tall buildings, which could not be found there. That's why a crane was sent from Dehradun.

Number of buildings with cracks reached 723, 86 buildings are unsafe

The number of unsafe buildings in Joshimath is continuously increasing. On Tuesday, 45 more buildings were identified. In this way, a total of 723 buildings have been identified so far. Out of these, 86 buildings have been declared completely unsafe and have been marked red. Soon the process of demolishing these buildings will start.

Hotels required to be demolished 

Malari Inn and Mount View Hotel will be demolished in a phased manner. These hotels have become crooked. It is necessary to break it because there are many houses and hotels under it and if it sinks too much, it can collapse anytime.