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British MP furious over British channel's propaganda series on Gujarat riots, said insult to Indian democracy

Pankaj Prasad
BBC Series on PM Modi
BBC Series on PM Modi

The British MP surrounded the BBC and said that you have also insulted the democratically elected Prime Minister of India, the Indian Police and the Indian Judiciary.

Lord Rami Ranger, a member of Britain's House of Lords, targeted the BBC in his tweet on Wednesday. In fact, BBC has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its new series. After which British MP Lord Rami Ranger accused BBC of doing biased reporting and also criticized BBC for hurting the sentiments of crores of people of India. Lord Rami Ranger wrote in his tweet that "BBC News, you have hurt the sentiments of crores of people of India and also insulted the democratically elected Prime Minister of India, Indian Police and Indian Judiciary. We want riots and death of people. Condemn but we also condemn your biased reporting."

Let us tell you that the British broadcaster BBC has created a new series in two parts titled India: The Modi Question. In this series, there has been talk of tension between PM Modi and the Muslims of India. Along with this, serious allegations have also been made regarding the alleged role of PM Modi in the Gujarat riots and the death of thousands of people in the riots. According to media reports, questions have also been raised in the BBC series regarding the Modi government's attitude towards the country's Muslim population, alleged controversial policies, the decision to end Kashmir's special status and the citizenship law. It has also been said in the report that attacks on Muslims in the country are being carried out by Hindus. 

BBC has come under target of people of Indian origin regarding this report. Regarding the new series of BBC, people say that BBC should also make a series on the Bengal famine of 1943. In which more than 30 lakh people died due to starvation and disease. One Twitter user wrote that the BBC should also make a series titled UK: The Churchill Question. 

Winston Churchill had sent grain from India to the soldiers stationed on the Western Front during the World War. Due to which famine conditions were created in India and lakhs of people died due to starvation. Another Twitter user advised the BBC to focus on Britain's problems. It is noteworthy that India has recently become the fifth largest economy in the world by overtaking Britain.