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Telangana: Officer created drama of his own death to grab seven crores of insurance policy, 6 including wife arrested

Pankaj Prasad

The main accused, who worked as an Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in the Telangana State Secretariat, had lost Rs 85 lakh in the stock market.

A Telangana government official staged his own death in order to extort more than seven crores from an insurance policy. He involved his wife and four others in this entire planning. After the truth came to light, the police on Wednesday arrested the officer, his wife, two relatives and four others from Medak district. 

According to the police, the main accused, who worked as an assistant section officer (ASO) in the Telangana state secretariat, had lost Rs 85 lakh in the stock market. The officer hatched a conspiracy to recover the loss and settle the debt. As part of the planning, the officer along with his wife, two relatives and four others allegedly killed a person and created a drama of the officer's death. 

The officer had bought policies worth over seven crores in a year

Police said that as part of the plan, the officer and others planned to kill a look-alike of himself to claim the insurance amount and accordingly he had spent the last one year. I bought 25 insurance policies in my name worth Rs 7.4 crore. Police had earlier registered a case of suspicious death after a man's body was found in a completely burnt car in a ditch on the outskirts of Venkatpur village in the district and started probing the matter from all angles. 

Officer presumed dead from ID card found in bag

The government servant was initially presumed dead on the basis of an ID card found in a bag from the spot. He was identified as a 44-year-old man, who was working as an assistant section officer at the Telangana State Secretariat in Hyderabad. However, police investigation revealed that the employee was alive and had staged the death to siphon off the insurance amount. Police said the officer was taken into custody for questioning on Tuesday and four others, including his wife and two relatives, were formally arrested.

Kidnapping a person on January 8 

As part of a plan to kill, on January 8, the ASO along with another accused kidnapped a person near Nizamabad railway station. He looked at the section officer. Police said the accused shaved his head and put him in officer's uniform and then took him to Venkatpur village. After this the ASO poured petrol inside and outside the car. However, on refusing to sit in the car, the officer and his wife attacked and killed him with an ax and baton, put his body in the car and later set the vehicle on fire.