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Loot in the name of blood in private hospitals, instead of 1450 for a unit, six thousand rupees were charged

Pankaj Prasad
Blood Prices in private hospitals
Blood Prices in private hospitals

Touts are active in private hospitals. Seeing the seriousness of the patient, they are charging heavily.

There is loot in private hospitals in the name of blood. For giving blood without a donor, up to four times more is being recovered from the Timardars than the fixed price. A similar case came to the fore on Wednesday, where Rs 6,000 per unit was recovered from Timardar instead of the fixed price of Rs 1,450. A total of four units of blood had to be transfused to the patient. 24 thousand rupees were recovered in lieu of this. The victim has complained about this in the CMO office. On this, along with the Health Department, the Food and Drug Administration has also started an investigation into the matter.

Karan, 21, who was injured in the road accident, is undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Chowk area. He was put on oxygen support. On discharge after four days, a bill of Rs 4 lakh was handed over. On this, the relatives asked for item-wise details. There was arbitrary recovery in the name of everything in the bill, as well as 24 thousand rupees were taken for four units of blood. The health department has fixed the price of one unit of blood in private blood banks at Rs 1450. The donor has to be given for this. Any extra charge for providing blood without donor is strictly prohibited. Seeing the need of the patient, the blood bank can give blood if it wants. Despite this, 24 thousand rupees were recovered in lieu of four units of blood in the hospital. The victim complained about the matter to the CMO.

Brokers are active around hospitals Brokers are active around government and private hospitals in the capital. They are always present at the roadside food and drink shops outside KGMU and Lohia Institute. As soon as they see a Timardar carrying a pink slip, they follow. Most of their victims are people from other districts, because they do not have donors available for blood here. In such a situation, they easily become their prey. The touts make recovery by looking at the blood group along with the status of patient and attendant. There is always a shortage of negative blood group. In such a situation, its price is also higher than normal. If a donor is given, this blood is given for three to four thousand rupees per unit and if the donor is not given, it is given for up to eight thousand rupees.

investigation will be done

Deputy CMO Dr. AP Singh said that a complaint has been received for overcharging for blood in a private hospital. The matter is serious. It will be investigated. Strict action will be taken against the hospital if it is proved to be charging more fees.

asked for documents

FSDA's Assistant Commissioner Brijesh Kumar said that the complaint of overcharging for blood has been received on mobile. If a blood bank charges more than the fixed price then it is wrong. Blood bank information and other document